Basic Soy Wax Jar Candle Making Tutorials

by ohcans official

How To Make Soy Wax Jar Candle

Today I am going to be showing you a very beginner friendly candle making tutorials. The end product should turn out to be like this:

jar candle

This is the end product, that is the simplest jar candle. If you carefully follow the tutorials, you will have your candle just as a store bought one.

Materials you will need:

  1. Bowl or a glass jar
  2. Pure candle wax of your choice
  3. Wooden or  cotton candle wick

wooden candle wick

*please ensure that the wooden wick comes with its complementary clip, which you can attach your wick to.

4.Stainless Steel bowl

5.A soucepan for a later applying the double boiling method

6.Essential oil fragrances,2 drops of coconut and lime essential oil.

7.Dried rose herb and organic sage herb, 5 pieces of each.

8.A thermometer to check the temperature

9.A heat gun.

 Preparing Your Workspace 

Creating your soy wax  jar candles requires a clean and organized workspace. Before you begin, set up an area free from clutter where you can comfortably work. Ensure good ventilation to prevent any strong odors from lingering in the space.

Gather all the necessary tools and equipment before starting. This includes a double boiler or melting pot for heating the wax, a thermometer for monitoring temperature, a heat-resistant container for fragrance oils, a stirring utensil, and a scale for accurate measurements. It is always good to keep yourself protected.  Wear protective gear such as gloves and goggles to shield yourself from hot wax splatters or spills.

Jar christmas candle

For today’s demonstration, we are going to be using 2 candle wicks, we are going to be placing them side by side in the jar.

  1. Place some water in the saucepan, and you would want to place your stainless steel bowl on top. Similar to what the picture has shown below.
  2. Measure out your wax ideally with a food scale if you are making a small portion. We will measure 200grams for todays’  I highly recommend soy wax since it is paraben free. Geneally speaking, it is a very safe raw material to use in Candle making. You can also check out Soy wax from Ohcans Candle.
  3. Place the wax in your stainless steel bowl and melt over heated water from the saucepan. This is the traditional double boiler meathod. Adouble boiler allows for indirect, gentle heat when you're whisking up temperamental sauces like wax.
  4. During the wax melting process, you would want to use your themometer for continuously monitering the raise of temperature.
    • It is very vital to keep in mind the temperature must be right when melting your waxes.Ideally, you would want to maintain a even temperature when melting your soy wax. During the process, Temperature and wax should be heated to a temperature of 130 - 200 F when melting.
  5. When the melt is fully melted, add your preferred fragrances. Remember the fragrance amount to candle wax is 6%~8% to be optimal. 
  6. Tape your choose wick to your choose container, in this case a bowl or a glass jar. You can repurpose your mason jar from your kitchen. To better stabolize and support the wick, you may want to use a skewer to hold the rest of wick in place before pouring your wax. 

jar candle

     7.Use your heat gun to blow dry the surface of your choose container before pouring your wax.

     8.Slowly pour your wax into the given container. You would want to pour at a steady speed to avoid tunneling.

     9. Add embellishement such as seashells and dried herbs when it is semi-dry.

     10.Wait patiently for the candle to dry out.

       11.Trim your wick to ideal size.

jar candle

Incorporating Seasonal Themes

Celebrate holidays and special occasions by creating festive candles that capture the spirit of the season. Use seasonal colors such as red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, or warm earth tones for fall. Coordinate scents with each season, such as cinnamon spice in winter or fresh citrus in summer. Do not be hasitate to try out various theme with the materials you have at hand. Happy crafting. 

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