10 User Tips About Candle With Scents

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Different shapes of aromatherapy candles, exudes a light fragrance, these candles with scents become very popular in life , in the purchase of aromatherapy candles, be sure to correctly understand how to use!

  • Place Newly Purchased Candle In Refrigirator 

Whether you buy candles or homemade candles should not be used directly, it is best to put them into the refrigerator for a few hours before removed from the use, because in the process of refrigeration can enhance the hardness of the aromatherapy candles, slowing down the burning speed! In other words, if you want your candles to burn longer than expected, freeze them first. It will do wonders for you. 

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  • Trim The Wick

In the process of using aroma candles, you need to trim the wick first, so that the length of the wick is maintained at about 3~6cm.

  • Place Them In The Center

Aromatherapy candles should be used in the right place. When you first open your scented candle for the first time,avoid placing them near open windows or drafty areas where the wind can blow the flames toward nearby objects. Furthermore, out of safety concern, place the candles in the center of the table free from objects and cluttes. 

  • Scented Candle Storage

There are a few key pointers you would want to note in terms of candle storage. First, Store your candles away from heat. Tipically, under such a case, the wax of the candle would start to melt and lose its original shape under high temperature or heat. On the other hand, moisture and humid environment can cause damage to the wax structure and overall scent throw as well. You may discover that the candle scent is weakened later. 

candles with scents

  • DO I Need To Open My Window When Using Scented Candle

Do not use scented candles in poorly ventilated environments, and open a window if you do.
  • How Long should You Burn Your Candle With Scents?

It is recommended to use it for about 2 hours at a time, as the sense of smell gets tired and the experience is not good if it is lit for too long.

  • If the candle has more than one wick, do you need to light them all?

It is necessary to light all of them, if only one or two of them are lit, they will burn unevenly, which is difficult to be fixed ater. This would result in bumpy and uneven surface. 

candles with scents


  • Addressing Allergies and Sensitivities

With an array of fragrances available, it's essential to consider potential allergens. Offer hypoallergenic options, provide clear product labeling, and stay informed about fragrance trends and regulations to cater to diverse consumer needs.

  • What to do about dust on scented candles?

For less dust, just take a dry cloth and wipe it down. If there is a lot of dust, you can use a cotton pad with alcohol to wipe it. Or just use the adhesive tape on the dust, just like you would with lint.

  • Do Scented Candles Have An expiry date?

It is recommended to use it up within six months after opening. Unopened can be stored in a cool place for 3 years. If you are looking for more information about candle expiry date, please check out my blog posts here.

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