5 Benefits of Soy Wax Candles

by ohcans official

Soy wax has become a popular candle making material in recent years due to its many benefits and eco-friendly properties. Made from hydrogenated soybean oil, this natural wax offers clean burning, vibrant scent throw, and customizable options for candle makers and enthusiasts. Here's a deeper look at five key benefits of soy wax candles.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the biggest appeals of soy wax is its sustainability. Soybeans are a renewable resource, grown annually across many regions. Soy wax production involves hydrogenating soybean oil, which goes through less intensive processing than paraffin wax. This makes it a more eco-friendly alternative. Soy wax is also biodegradable and non-toxic, making cleanup and disposal gentler on the environment. Its versatility and renewable nature make it a smart choice for eco-conscious candle brands and consumers.

Clean Burning Properties

When it comes to performance, soy wax really shines. The wax has an even density and level melting point, which allows candles to burn slowly and steadily without smoking. The flame stays consistent, with no major flaring or dripping like paraffin candles. This leads to a safer, cleaner burn with less soot buildup. Soy candles also don't emit as much smoke, which is better for indoor air quality. Their impressive burn properties and lack of pesky drips make soy wax an excellent choice for mess-free candles.

Strong Natural Fragrance

The natural scent of soy wax is quite faint, allowing added fragrances from essential oils or other sources to really shine. The wax fully absorbs scents and emits them without interference as the candle burns. This results in an exceptional fragrance throw that fills rooms with bold aromas. Soy's natural stability lets fragrances thrive without muting or distortion from the wax base. For candle makers, this is ideal for creating aromatically pleasing, true-to-scent products.

Subtle, Flattering Glow

The luminous quality of soy wax gives off a gently diffused glow unlike paraffin's harsh glare. The softened, filtered lighting is attractive in living spaces and provides enough illumination for activities. Soy wax's lower melting point means a lower burn temperature for a more relaxing vibe. The candleglow has a warm, inviting radiance perfect for establishing a serene mood. For ambiance without glare, soy wax checks all the boxes.

Customization and Blending Ease

For candle makers, soy wax offers exceptional versatility. The wax blends extremely well with color dyes, allowing deep, vibrant hues. Essential oils and other fragrances also incorporate seamlessly. Soy wax is easy to blend, enabling beautiful swirled or layered candle designs. It pairs smoothly with beeswax for textural candles. With soy wax, makers can customize the color, shape, scent, and design for unique creations. This malleability makes it a top choice for artisanal or commercial candles.

Recommended Soy Wax Candle Brands

Here are some recommended brands that specialize in quality soy wax candles:

Village Candles - Offers an ample selection of soy wax candles in Mason jars and other vessels. Known for excellent scent throw and unique fragrances.

Chesapeake Bay Candle - Leading company for soy blend candles, with many styles and seasonal fragrances. Burn times up to 85 hours.

Anthropologie - boho-chic brand selling artisanal apothecary soy wax candles in colorful jars, often infused with essential oils.

WoodWick - Specializes in wood wick soy candles that crackle when lit. Extended burn times and natural wooden wicks.

Yankee Candle - Classic candle brand with a wide array of jar candles in soy wax. Mix of traditional and seasonal scents.

dw home - Candles hand-poured in the US, using natural soy wax. Clean-burning and offered in stylish containers.

In summary, soy wax offers many advantages over paraffin wax. With its renewable nature, clean burn, vibrant scents, soft glow, and creative possibilities, soy is ideal for candle lovers wanting an eco-friendly, high-performing option. Discover the perfect candlelight with soy wax.

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