5 Things To Know About Organic Apricot Oil

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What is Apricot Kernal Oil?

If you can deduce from the most obvious name, apricot kernal oil is a sweet and nutty oil extracted from the kernals of apricot. The process of extraction either involves cold pressing or solvent extraction. Apricot kernal oil are believed to promote respiratory and digestive health by the ancient Chinese medicine. Back in ancient times in China, "Apricot Kernal Oil " has been favoured by emperor, as it was designated to be the "elite imperial cooking oil". The oil component naturally promote  digestion and absorption of food. If you happen to have a esaily upset stomach, try incorperate apricot kernal oil in your diet. 

Apricot kernal oil


5 Benefit Of Organic Apricot Oil

This is a miraculous oil reap with numerous benefits you can hardly imagine. The nature properties of apricot oil make it  healing, antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant and anti-aging when applied topically. The oil smell just like a fresh apricot opened from the box. In traditional Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal remedies, Apricot seed oil is replete with narioushing and healing nature will give the skin a natural glow while soothe the irritable skin. 

  • Gives Your Skin A More Healthy Glow

apricot kernel oil is a very multi-functional oil when applied on the skin. The texture is light and absorbed eaily since it resembles skin's natural sebum oil production. The hydration from vitamins and fatty acid wll lock in moisture from the inner layer of the skin. Thus, the layer of oil forms a natural barrier for the skin to protect it from sunlight exposure.The active ingredients of Vitamin C and Vitamin E in particular works to defy the fine lines and wrinkles form forming at an eaily stage.  When applied topically on the skin, Vitamin A restores the skin's natural matabolism. In short, it is very anti-aging. Apricot kernel oil works wonders to restore radiance to the skin. The oliec acid naturally strenthen the skin's outer layer of the skin. In the case if you are looking for a natural and holistic moisturizer, pick up Organic Apricot Oil in your whole food store. 

apricot kernal oil


  • Support Heart Health

Incoporating a few drops apricot kernel oil in your diet can have positive effects on heart health. This natural oil is rich in monounsaturated fats, which are known to support cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels. These healthy fats also help maintain the flexibility of blood vessels, promoting proper blood flow throughout the body.Specific compound such as Pangamic acid are linked to reducing stress of the heart. Vitamin E can also prevent the clot from froming in the arteries of the heart

  • Natural Treatment For An Itchy Scalp and Hair 

If you are ever struggling with an itchy scalp,simply message a few drops of apricot seed oil may offer a holistic cure immediately. By rubbing in apricot seed oil with a carrior oil such as almond oil to make a hair mask, as this blend can  strengthen and condition hair naturally. You heir will be left  detangle and nourishd after the application. Another added bonus would be to prevent natural hair loss by making the hair follicles stronger in nature. 

  • Culinary Cooking Oil

Organic apricot seed oil has a mild and nutty flavor when added to dishes. . Additionally, apricot kernel oil is a good source of vitamins A and E, providing antioxidants that contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. With a rich and golden color, it makes an excellent complementary additon to varous dishes such as exotic fruits, salads, sweet-sour dishes, aromatic sauces and desserts. It makes a good choice for Asician stir fry dishes. 

  • Relieve Muscle Pain

If you are looking for a body elixir for your entire body,  Apricot seed oil is very multi-purpose when it comes to its application. You can use it as an alternative message oil. Because the oil contain an ample amount of protein, which can refresh and recharge tired muscle. All you have to do is very simple. You simply warm the almond oil on your hand in a  circular motion and massage into your body. 

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