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Crafted with precision and care, Archipelago Candles embody the pinnacle of artisanal expertise and sensory pleasure. Each candle reflects a dedication to craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them the perfect choice for enhancing your home decor or gifting to loved ones.As the trend of customized candle and luxury candle has become popular and irreplaceble,there are a plethora of choices to choose from. A genuine luxury candle brand sets aprt from the rest from their expectional quality and craftmenship.  In terms of ingredients selection, rich and aromatic essential oil are being infused in with the most natural wax. If you are looking for a particular gift for a significant other or co-worker, definately check out our stocklist for candles. 

archipelago candles

Where To Buy Achipelago Candle?

This is a very fruity and refreshing twist to archipalao candle. This candle features opulent aromas of  Kaffir lime.As you first inhale this scent, lime and citus scent fist come into contact.  The fist dose of bright, zesty, and refreshing note would definately give you an enery boost.  The main scent profile of this candle contains tropical white rose petals, green muguet, and white iris. The floweral scent smells very sweet and warm to the nose. Additionally, Base notes of rain-drenched verbena leaves, willow bark, oud wood, crystal amber offers more deepth and herbal vibe. 

If you are looking for an masculine scent, this one is your best bet. This soy candle is hand blended and crafted with layers of essential oils immersed in huge barrals. To me, this black forest soy candle is just like an aged wine that matures with time. Just like plucking sun-warmed fruits straight off the bush, Sweet Mulberries and mandarin gives the candle a very fruity and juicy twist. While Douglas fir and black patchouli blend  offers you soft, woody and sweet coniferous aroma with a hint of herbal and earthy smoky scent. 

archipelago candles

This would make an perfect gift for travelling because of its rather conpact size. The candle is poured into a metal tin, which makes it very gender neutral for gifting. The traditonal  blend of Douglas Fir, Ebonywood and Black Currant would definately export you walking trails of mountain forest. Tipically, the woody notes of dougloas fir and ebonywood provide the scent with more dirmention and deepth, while black currant offers a fruity and sweet contrast. 
The above list are some of the special products from archipelogo botanical candle collection. Candle Delirum happens to carry a more detailed collection. Archipelogo Botanical Candles are handcrafted and tested with 70% of natural soy wax,which offers longer burning time up to 55 hours.  Its earthy brown wax houses a proprietary essential oil blend inspired by classic botanica ingredients like tobacco flower, zeste de citron, and West Indian lime peel.The earthy and herbal scent of bergamot with transport you to rainy garden outside of your grandma's. 

archipelago candles

The gentle flicker of the candlelight combined with the soothing scents creates a truly therapeutic oasis in your home.Indulge in the refined sensory delight offered by the exquisite Archipelago Candles collection, where every candle is a testament to the art of luxury craftsmanship and captivating fragrances.Next time, When you are searching for a gift idea, you are try Archipelogo Candle. Alternately, if you are searching for candle making kit, please check out our ohcans candle store.


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