Celebrate New Relase Of Holiday Candles For Woman

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Ohcans Candle New Release Of Holidy Candle

Introducing our Gardenia and Lavender candle, a blend of majestic floral notes and soothing lavender that will add elegance to any occasion. The Gardenia candle features a floral aroma with hints of pink clover, and fresh white gardenia. White gardenias symbolize trust, purity, and gentleness, making them perfect for weddings and bridal showers. The Lavender note interwined within the candle , on the other hand, offers a relaxing scent with charming bright white blossoms and sweet herbal lavender, ideal for spa trips, summer brunches, baby showers, and tea parties.

Mother's Day Sale For Our Lavender Gardenia Candle 

For a limited time, we're offering a special Mother's day  sale on our Gardenia and Lavender candle. Create a calming atmosphere in your home or office with this delightful scent. Whether you're working from home or in the office, let the soothing aroma of lavender and the elegant touch of gardenia elevate your space. Order now and enjoy the tranquil ambiance that our Gardenia and Lavender candle brings.

Don't miss out on this Mother's day special sale. Treat yourself or someone special to the calming scents of gardenia and lavender. Order now and experience the soothing aroma for yourself.If you choose to place a order now, as our valued customer you will recieve 10% off. 

lavender gardenia candle

Wow! I am  Very pleasantly surprised with this scent combination.  It has a strong layer of fresh cut greens that lifts the scent creating a very lovely floral bouquet.  It's not has heavy or direct as most gardenia fragrances ,which is an added bunus.  If you're looking for a gardenia with a little more depth and earthy nuances give this one a try. Althernatively, you can choose to bring  a touch of springtime cheer to your home with the Pink Clover. our gardenia lavender candle has been infused with a hint of pink clover. Although from the name of this plant, you may suspect that it belongs to the plant family. However, it naturally exudes hints of honey and an earthy aroma. It is very discreet to pick up. This earthy scent would linger in the space gradually no matter what. 

Lavender and Gardenia Scented Candle For Any Spaces 

This candle is appropriate to be light up in any settings. The scent intensity is really to each of their own preference. Some people may prefer a mild version of the scent while others may favour scent with a strong potency. Ohcans candle has used festive seasonal scents to spice up the holidays. 

What Can This Lavender Gardenia Candle Do For You?

Unwind After A Tough Day

  • The ideal option when you're looking to end up well relaxed after a tough day or to release the stress during that time you are feeling so tense.
  • Lavender, derived from the Latin word "lavare," meaning "to wash away," has been cherished for centuries for its refreshing scent. In most cases , lavender is used to alleviate stress. This scent combination will uplift your spirit in a new way. 


lavender gardenia candle

Designed For Your Dedicated Spa Day

  • Treat your mother to a lovely spa day. The herbal combination of gardenia with lavender has special anti-inflammatory properties that can drive away any potential irritations and personal allerigies. 

Looking For A Candle For Yoga and Praying

  • Gardenia and lavender has the property of relieving headche and migraines .This particular scent blend can help you boost mental clarity and alertness whenever needed. It can be very condusive to the environment.
  • Tipically, we personally recommend Lavender gardenia scent for  Yin Yoga. Generally, during yin yoga practice, the key is is being still while holding various poses. The more you practice this yoga, you will discover that you can exert a better control of your body and mind. The main purpose of becoming still in poses is to further allow better circulation and connectivity to your joints and tissues.  The earthy flowral undertone of gardenia will allow you to to feel more calm and secured in a secure environment. 

A Candle For Your Guest Bedroom 

  • What are some the the general tricks to create an inviting atomsphere for your guest and friends when they arrive for a short stay. Filling the guest room with a nice aroma is a wonderful way to set the mood for an unforgettable stay. 
  • Lavender and Gardenia scented candle from Ohcans Candle adds another wonderful addition. Situate the candle by the bedside would allow enough time for your guest to chill out. Lavender scent can naturally treat insomia and sleep disorder while gardenia on the other hand, it often utilized to combot fatigue and headaches.


Relaxation for Women


  • Today, we are living in a very fast and demanding world, hence, it is necessary to seek such moments that a woman needs to gad, and she normally deals with multiple obligations. Women often experience prolonged stress, especially those working in offices, homemakers who do not get a break, single mothers who do not have a chance to rest, career women, and occasionally others. Therefore, it is imperative to create the natural lavender and gardenia fragrance candles that will serve as sanctuaries for these women. The slight tremor of the candle light that goes hand in hand with its faint fragrance produces the feeling of breath, mindfulness and quiet that encourage deep breathing. The candles can be lit after a busy day at job or during a tranquil weekend at home – this peace provides women the perfect opportunity for solitude and inward focus.

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xoxo From Ohcans Candle. 

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