How do you use soy wax melts?

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First of all, what exactly is soy wax melt?  They are origianlly made from soy wax, which is derived from natural soy bean oil. Because of their natural origin, soy was is non toxic, and has a less likelihood to cause any allergies. 

How do I uase a soy wax melt?

Imagine you are a university student, who has to live in a shared dormitory. These soy wax melt comes very handy to have. 

Wax melts  are very easy to use. You take your Soy Wax Melt and put them  it in your Soy Wax Melter. The Melter's will be either electric or a tea light heated Soy Wax Melter.  Light your tea light or turn on your electric Melter.  Then sit back and enjoy the fragrance release. When you are ready to use the Soy Melts again, just turn the warmer back on or relight or replace the tea light. 

How do you use soy wax melts? - ohcans

To dispose of the used Soy Wax Melts when it do not have any scents released anymore. just allow it to heat for a few minutes to loosen it and it should pop right out of the soy wax Melter. The used soy wax melts can be disposed of in the bin, or the compost.

What are some safety guidline to follow when using soy wax melt?

1.Place your Soy Wax Melter in a safe, stable situation, away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children or pets.

2.Place the Soy Wax melts in the top of a dry Soy Wax Melter and do not add any water at this stage. The size of your Soy Melter dish will determine how much of your Soy Wax Melt you place in the top dish. 

3.Light a tea light candle in the base of the Soy Melter or turn on the electric Melter and allow the wax to melt - when melted, a delightful aroma will be released into the room

4.Don't forget to extinguish the tea light candle or turn of the electric Melter when leaving the room unattended. 

5.After extinguishing the flame or turning of the power the Soy Wax Melts will cool and solidify again, 

6.Re-use Soy Wax Melts until no fragrance is released.

How do you use soy wax melts? - ohcans

Because of their versatile nature, soy wax melt makes excellent gift ideas. They can come in various different forms such as cute gift bears. Soy wax melt is 100% safe to be used and melted. Moreover, since it does contains many essential oils and natural fragrances that is the warm aroma which is ideal for soothing and calming your mood.

As an added bounus even, you can use natural soy wax melt as an alternative for fragrance sachets.They will make your cottons and fabric smell extra nice when placed. 

How do you use soy wax melts? - ohcans

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