How To Choose The Best Glass Jars For Candles?

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What Is Glass Jars For Candles?

Glass candle jars not only provide a versatile and stylish option for making candle but also come in distinctive shapes and size. To put in perspective, small prism jars maybe perfect for offering sample gifts while a large mason jar candle may offer a more rustic look to your surroundings. If you are a candle DIY expert, this guide will help me select the best glass container for your candles.

What Are the Best Type of Glass Jars For Making Candles?

You can find most glass candle jars in cylindrical or rounded shapes. Tipically, they do come in various sizes such as the basic 100ml jar, or the 150ml, 250ml, 350ml or even 500ml candle jar. When crafting such jars, glass candle jars are made with  in square or circular shapes with a balanced base , as such design provide a sturdy structure for candle light to shine through. 

Essentially, what are some trait and characters of a high quality glass jars ? The clear jar hightlights the texture and shape of the wax yet providing clear display of the candle itself. From the most obvious, Glass jars provide a safe and contained environment for burning candles.It is naturally designed to withstand up to 250⁰ Fahrenheit heat. The encolosed space of glass jars help avoid tipping or wax spillage. 

Candle jars can comes in various colored such as black, and white. You want to contemplate how the the size and shape of the jar will impact the burn time and performance of your candles. Wider jars may promote an even burn, while taller ones can create an elegant ambiance when lit.

Under the senario of an even burn, you can candle should have an even layer of melted wax, reaching the edge of the container.  It will help avoid potential tunneling in candles, which lead to wasted wax. Tunneling is a circumstance where the center of the lit candle is fully melted yet leaving out the surrounding wax on the edge intact. 

Another thing to to keep in mind is the thickness of your glass jars for making candles. You want to to avoid drinking glasses, wine glasses, because such glass are too thin and delicate to put to the task of holding melted wax.  You do want your glass container to broke or shutter during the candle making process. A high quality glass container should be constructed from a non-porous material.  Pourous material such as terracotta or clay has the ability to absorb wax. The wax absorbtion may as as a wick , which in turn create potential safety hazard. 

Yankee Candle is renowned for their signature candles housed in iconic glass jars for candles. Their clear and durable vessels are crafted to showcase each candle's wax color, scent throw, and flame quality.For over 50 years, Yankee candle  has recognized the power of superior glass jars for candles to preserve homemade quality while promoting full sensory enjoyment.


glass jars for candles

What are the advantages of using glass jars over other materials for candles?

You can fully customize your transparent candle jars with labels and tags to make them extra special. Glass jars can be repurposed and reused for multiple times and ways. It is an excellent choice for lazy cleaners. You no longer have to worry about cleaning up any wax residue. The wax can fall freely within the glass jar containers. Anther add benefit of using glass jars over wood container, is it is much more durable. The reason being that wood stains and scratches more readily from regular use. Besides, wood has a higher tendency to become become warped over time from wax exposure. 


Do glass jars with lids or without lids work better for preserving candle scents?

Generally, glass jars with lids tipically works better in term of preserving candle scents. The added secure layer of a sealed lid can help reduce airflow, which in turn help contain the essential oil molecules and fragrance compounds. An lid can help prevent candle from attracting and collecting dust if left in the corner. Moreover, a added lid can slow down the oxidatin process of the candle. What doe this mean?A little bit of exposure of oxygen will  oxidize the scent molecules even more.  A added lid will also restrict moisture from contacting the candle. The humidity will destroy the molecular integrity of your aromathraphy candle scent. 

glass jars for candles


What are some creative ways to decorate or glass jars for candles?

  • Fabric candle jars

For this particular craft, you will be needing a piece of fabric, Mod Podge, a sponge brush and as well as scissors. First , trim and cut several piece of fabrics each measure 1 cm in length. Next, gentelly coating your glass candle jar with Mod podge with a sponge brush. Later, attach a strip of fabric to the glass jar. For more asthetic appeal, you can even attach a piece of ribbon to the bottleneck of the glass jar for a finished look. 

fabric candle jars

  • Beach candle jars

The materials you will be needing for this particular project is sand. You can find them free at any beach. Next, you will be needing some sea shells. The third supply item you willl nee a tealight. Now, let us assemble everything together.  First, pour some sand into the glass jar, and idealy you want to fill the jar half way through. Place the tealight candle on top. Last, place the seashell surrounding the candle. 

beach candle jar

  • Paper Latern candle jars

The supplies you will need are some simple transparent paper, scissor, mod podge, and a sponge brush. Similar to the first project, instead of apply fabric to the glass candle jar, we are using simple transparent paper. You wan to evenly coat your jar with mod podge and attach colorful transparent paper. The finished product should look something close to this. 

transparent paper candle jar

  • Stone candle Jar

You will need flat back stones. For this supply, you can either get it from your local craft store or dollar store. They are eaily accesible to the public. Most importantly, you will need a glue gun to attach each stones piece by piece. When making this craft, I personally find it to be easiler to put a small amount of glue to the stone, and attach it later. 

stone jar candle


  • Heart Candle Jars

Hopefully, you can make a wild guess from the name. Simply, draw a heart with paint brush and wait for it to dry up. You can use a plastic stencil if needed for for accuracy. Another tips and trick would be do a free style of your heart as you wish. 

heart candle

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