Moments to Light a Scented Candle

by ohcans official

When it comes to home docoration, there are literally a million ways to make your home smell great. Personally, I would cast my own vote to candles. This is because after a long time of tedious work, they provide a nice ambience to your home with a cozy and warm glow. Today, I would like to talk about how to incorperate candles in our day to day casual rountine. In addition, what impacts are seen having these soothing and tranquill glow of light. 

Candles are perceived to be a very subjective preference in China. Since candles has different spiritual connotation and meaning in different culturals Everyone has a different way to look at this element. 

In the coming series, we will incorperate either different scenarios and different daily rountine you can incorperate candle , fragrance oil and tea candle holder. Today, we will zoom in to the angle of our comfortable homes. Having a burning candle can be reassuring at the end of a day. 



Picture this in your head, you are just waking up from a long night sleep, at the same time, you take yawn and stretching your arm and legs ready to start the day. To refresh youself, you light up your favarioute  scented candle, now the aroma will fill your serroundings and now sip your favarious drink. For me ,it must be an instant go to coffee. This wonderful combination of coffee and candle will give your brain and senses a signal to start off your hustling for the day with a p eaceful state. The particular scent of the candle will help you not only to focus at important task at hand but also detoxify the air.

scented candle


Reading is a wonderful hobby to have at no extra cost. Indeed, reading is just like theraphy in itself. We immediately get lost in the story of characters and start enjoying their Journey. More importantly, the amount of exposure we get from reading a book will help us gain a new perspective we are not aware before. Why not light a candl while enjoy what you are reading. Feeling the relaxing scent will automatic relax your nerves and body. 

scented candles have a simple function: they can make every moment more pleasant. Fragrances send a signal to our senses to focus on each occasion, to enjoy and experience it more deeply.
Books and candles are the best companions because they both have the same mental anti-fatigue properties and complement each other in every way.
Next Time Before you grab that book you've always wanted to read, don't forget to grab your favorite scented candle jar


Have you ever suffered from insomia? The lack of sleep can trigger harmful impact to our body. For instance, each of us has an inherent circadian rhythm each and everyone of us would adhere to. 

Frankly, we all have weirld thought, anxiety, and wondering train of thought that prevent us from falling asleep. allright,we all wish for the babylike a night dream. 

The only cure for this disease can be a scented candle, which is a natural sedative. The scent and light of a candle send a signal of self-love and well-being to our brain and help induce peace.
Grab your favorite scent that expresses your individuality and light it up before bed.Let the day end like this and fall asleep thinking that tomorrow you will love yourself even more and get

 everything you ever wanted.

light a scented candle

To break the news, a little For your information, I broke out the leftover spices and beeswax and got to work making a bunch of these gorgeous wax sachets. I made the wax melt form left over dried items. I will post the exact recipe next time. Please stay tuned.  

light up a scented candle

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