Soy Candle Tips: 3 ways to acheive the best burn

by ohcans official

As I launged around in my pajamas, I become curious why the flame is very tall when I light my aromatheraphy candle yesterday. As a made a small batch of candles and left them in the basement storage cupboard, the fragrance lingers in the air.Often times, the candle making journey may not go as smooth as you would expect, you will ran into several common problems. 

Either the flame is very tall, due to this large flame , the precious candle wax may be absorbed faster than normal. In other words, the life span of the candle itself has drastically decreased. A smart solution would be to trim the wick with the proper wick trimmer. After the first burn, it's alway recommended  to always trim the wick down to just ¼ inch above the solid wax.

candle burning time

In other case, a long flame may also result in soot. You may wonder what exactly is soot? Soot is usually originated from adding to many fragrance oils. Ultimately, when there is too much wax for the wick, the flame with flicker. When the candle burns,the flame moves down. With less oxygen access, the flame size changes, which affects the amount of fuel (flow of liquid wax through the wick) and leads to soot formation.

Another issue candle maker often run into is when the candle wick is too short.In this case, your candle wax may spill down the size. Therefore, as a matter of act, you should always remeber to trim your wick. There are other hazard, burning down your candle without trimming the wick between uses can result in a large and potentially dangerous flame.

To better prevent tunneling in candles, the most effective way to ensure the best performance from a candle is to burn it long enough for an even pool of melted wax to form on the surface. This is called a full crucible (but remember: for safety reasons, do not leave the candle burning for more than four hours at a time, or leave it unattended.

candle burning time

Other safety tips you should be following would be to keep candles away from possible flammable items. In addition, please keep candles away from pets and kids. Also, please remember not to burn candle for more than 4 hours. If you burn too long, carbon will cause the candle to soot. 

I have compiled several tips and tricks for burning candles above. I hope candle lovers will find them helpful. If you are window shopping for meditation and relaxation purposes, please check out our collection of aromatheraphy container candles

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