What Is Mango Butter Good For?

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What Is Mango Butter And Where Does It Come From?

When you inspect the ingredient list on your skincare lotion, you will often find one key ingredient called mango butter. Today, Ohcans candle will prepare you with a dedicated guide exploring some of key properties you may not know before. Mango butter originates from India. with a obvious white paste texture, It has been used for centuries to heal dry skin, and bring relieve to itchy skin.  

mango butter

Where Does Mango Butter Come From?

Essentially, mango butter come from Mangifera Indica kernels been pressed. You can often find mango butter in the form of Lip Balm, Body Butter, hair masks, soaps , and stretch mark creamsTypically, Cold-Pressing or Expeller-processing is employed to squeeze oils from mango seeds.   The outer shell is being removed leaving out a butter textured substance. This substance is found to be solide at room temperature but melts away when applied on skin. If you are ever interested in making Mango Pudding Candle, ohcans candle also have a tutorial dedicated to beginners. 

What Is Mango Butter Good For?

  • As A Hair Mask

Mango butter is a staple item in skincare. Mango butter is capable of providing deep nnourishment for hair and skin care. When used as a hair mask, it can promotes healthy hair growth,by nourishing follicles. It is said to effectivly restore a sense of  vitality for your heir. 

Hair Mask Formular: You can create a DIY hair mask by blending mango butter with natural oils such as coconut or argan oil. You can choose to leave it on your heir more 30 minutes for a desired effect. 

  • As A Skincare Moisturizer

On the other hand, thanks to the emollient properties of mango butter, it forms a a protective barrier on the skin's surface. which helps with  moisture loss and maintaining deep hydration. If you happen to reside along dry and harsh climate,  where there is no precipitation, you can apply some mango butter as a good  alternative cure for chapped skin. Moreover, mango butter has the ability to transport rich antioxidants and vitamins to help lock in moisture within the skin. What is more, the antioxideants can also effortlessly reduce the sign of aging. Mango butter indeed offer countless skincare benefits. It adds a healthy and radiant glow to your skin. In addition, it has been found to contribute to effectively removing scars, and strech marks.  Given that the molecules for mango butter is the smallest when examined, so it is recommended for oily to commbination skin. If you happen to suffer from acene prone skin, or problematic eczema, mango butter will help you neutralize skincare tone right away.  Mango butter is found to be healing and regenerative in nature, as it is able to replenish the lipid layer of the skin. 

If you want plump and younger looking skin, you should for sure give mango butter a try. For enhancing the overall well being of your skin, Mango butter's moisturizing properties enhance skin elasticity, firmness, and tone, reducing fine lines and promoting a youthful complexion.  It is ideal for irritated, burnt and peeling skin. If your skin has recently been exposed to the sun, use mango butter  as an emergency quick fix for your skin. 

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DIY Mango Butter Mousse


Mango Butter 120grams

Apricot Oil  40ml

Essential OIls

Lavender 5 drops/ ea

Chammoile 5 drops/ ea

Geranium 5 drops/ea


Red Food Coloring 5ml

1.Simply add and combine apricot oil with mango butter. You can patiently wait for the butter to melt at room temperature.  

mango butter

2. Next, use an electric egg beater to mix them all together. 

3. Once you can estimate that they have become a consistant mousse texture, you can add lavander , chammoile, geranium essential oils all 5 drops. This step is optional. Adding essential oil simply adds a layer of frangrance.  If you want your mango butter mousse to be frangrance free, just omit this step. 

4.Add in your pink food coloring. It will give your mousse a pink hue to it. 

5. Transfer your premade mango butter mousse in seperate containers. 


Ohcans Candle Sincerely hope that you enjoy this DIY recipe. If you need to restock any body lotions, you can use your creativity to make this simple DIY body lotion recipe. If you are looking for DIY candle making kits or a Holiday Candle to ease your mind. We have plenty of them in stock in our Ohcans Amazon Store.Please check them out. 







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