Why You Should Try Perfume Oils?

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Unlike regular perfumes, perfume oils tend to last longer on skin compare to regular perfumes. They will do wonders for your on your skin. 

Why Should You Consider Buying Perfume Oils?

Roll on perfume oils may be less popular than designer perfume, but they offer a more clean and special. To be honest, it can be annoy when you find that everyone you know is wear same perfume. Next time you shop for a signature fragrance, consider the subtle charm of an oil-based perfume as your new scent staple. The alternatives may delight your nose as much as any other designer brand. In terms of the price tag, perfume oils are definately lower than designer perfume. 

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What is A Perfume oil?

Perfume oils are oils generally naturally extracted from nature that contains a natural fragrance scent. Perfume oils are crafted and extracted from nature from natural essential oils and is diluted with a carrier such as vegetable oil, mineral oil, or propylene glycol. The compound is very simple and organic while devoid of any synthetic alcohols. If you can imagine capuring the essence of an essential oil in its most pure form, perfume oil is the answer. 

Perfume Oils last longer

Perfume oils are often used on cloth and skin as a multipurpose product. We can either use it as a skin elixir or as a subsitute for perfumes. Another tips to note is that oil based scent such as natural perfume oils are much more moisturizing than alcohol based perfume. The reason is because it is free of alcohols. Alcohols tend to evaporate faster while removing natural oils from your own skin. Therefore, making perfume oils an excellent choice for people with dry skin. If you are looking for any other moisturizing tips, check out our tips for moisturing your face

Perfume Oils Are Safe and Natural

By the way, when you are applying perfume oils, the correct way is to dab instead of rub on your skin. Rubbing would potentially cause the scent to dissapate and evaporate faster. perfume oils are less likely to make their skin itchy or cause allergies. If you have skin conditions such as ezema, try to avoid using any synthetic creams. Natural perfume oils is the best alternative because it offers a gentel and subtal scent. It is the natural holistic cure for sensitivity. 

The Historical Significance of Perfume Oils

Travel back in time, and you'll find ancient civilizations like Egypt and Persia cherishing perfume oils for their aromatic richness and therapeutic virtues. These oils weren't merely fragrances; they were symbols of status, luxury, and cultural identity. Isn't it fascinating how a tiny bottle can hold centuries of history?

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Perfume Oils Are Made For Travel

Perfume oils come in small bottles that are easy to take with you when you travel. No worries about bottles breaking in your luggage. They tend to be very compact in size. Next time, if you are a university student living in a dormitory, instead of taking out your heavy designer perfume, you can take a small and compact roll on perfume oils.  In addition, you can mix and match different perfume oils to create your own unique smell.Oils allow you to layer and blend scents easily. This way, it offers more room for your creativity. 

How To Make Rose Perfume Oils?

Preparation materials:

500g of clean rose petals (about 50) You can choose to buy them in the florist or directly in the store.
Small glass bottle
Vegetable oil (olive oil is best here)

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Making steps:

1. Pick the roses, clean them and air-dry them. Allow the petals to lose their moisture and still remain soft.
2. Find a small glass jar and put the rose petals in it.
3. Pour some vegetable oil in the jar. Let the oil cover the petals completely.
4. We put the lid on the petals and heat them up, find a small pot and put some water in it. Let the water go over the bottle in general.Heat over low heat for one to two hours. Just let the bottle stay at 50 to 60 degrees Celsius. Then use a lower heat and let it stay warm for 5 to 6 hours. Let it sit at room temperature for 24 hours.
5.Finally, lastly, use a strainer and separate our petals from the oils. At this point, the separated oil is our homemade rose oil.

This tutorial is actually quite simple. The important thing is to control the temperature. You can check it from time to time with a thermometer. 



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