How To Fix A Candle Flame That Is Too High?

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Have you notice that your candle flame is especially tall after you light the candle? It can be very threatening to watch for the naked eye.  A flame that is burning too high may cause potential fire safety hazard. Therefore, it's important to address it. Fixing the high flame can help prevent dangerous situations.

candle flame that is too tall

Why Is Your Candle Flame So High?

In most case scenarios, the appropriate length of candle flame is about 1/2 inch to 1 inch from the bottom of the flame to its tip. If you notice that your candle flame flickers too often without any wind blowing at it. You can certainly identify that it is a flame that is too high for the candle itself.  There can be several cause for a tall flame. 


The Wick is Too Long

The wick may not be compatible with the candle wax itself.  It can be a manufactuer issue itself. A taller wick act as a channel and a fuel sources for burning candles. Taller wicks can attract more oxygen to the flame. As a result, the flame tend to burn longer and taller for its size. To better ensure clean burning, it is recommended to trim your wick to 1/4 if you are aiming for a safe and slower burning experience. A  high quality candle wick can reduce the chance of soot. 


The Wax is Too Thick 

A thick consistancy of the wax will contribute to candle to burn on the surface level of the wax but not melting the wax all the way creating a wax pool. You candle may refuse to ignite in this case. Consequently, more wax is accumulated at the top of the wick . If the wax is too thick, it might not be drawn up the wick effectively. The candle flame may  appear to be too tall. Even impurities in the wax can cause the flame to become unstable and flicker. The size may appear to be larger as well. 

candle flame


Air Circulation And Wind Draft

If you place your candle in a place where wind and air can circulate, you will receive a relative high flame for your candle. Ideally, you want to place your candle in a draft free area free from moisture area. You may have trouble lighting your candle because your wick is too short , or because a warm or cool breeze can cause to flame to be pulled higher to the wick. It takes an effort for the flame to reach the wick so it will flicker and become taller often times. 

Candle Age

During the burning process, as the candle may shrink in size if you happen to have an aged candle. The wick over time may become frayed and wax itself may become harder in texture because of age. Thus, the wax may not be able to ignite the wick very easily. 

A Small Container

Imagine a rathe small and restricted small container, where the space is limited and restricted. Thus, the tiny space contribute to a relative tall with limited air flow. Indeed, limited air flow may contibute to poor combustion and increased smoke and soot. A high candle flame in this case contribute to poor air quality if you are burning your candles indoors. 

Why is A Tall Candle Flame A Problem?

Have you ever encountered such incident that all of a sudden there is a crack on your candle container? A candle flame that is too tall can cause the rim of the candle container to be too hot. A rather tall candle flame may cause the wax to be absorbed at a faster rate than normal. Consequently, the lifespan and duration of your candle can be shorter than usual. Thus, as a result, reducing the Another potential hazard with tall flames is that it can raise potential fire hazard. Glass container can be overheated easily if you happen to have a tall flame. 

Step by Step Fix For A High Candle Flame

If you notice that the end of wick has become mushroomed, you may have a wick that is too long for your candle. You should get yourself a good wick trimmer. With the act of simple trimming, you can increase the lifespan of your candle. 

To prevent smoke from forming while your candle burns, make sure the wick is trimmed and avoid exposure to moisture and draft areas that can cause the flame to flicker. the air current can cause the wick can use up oil at an uneven rate, leading to a buildup of oils that can result in smoke and soot. To remedy this, keep your candle in a draft-free area away from fans, open windows, air conditioners, and vents. 

wick trimming


 How To Read Candle Flames For Spells?

Dances and Waves:

Spirit favours your work and will help you succeed. 

Pearly Light:

Indicate good luck and blessing will follow your work. 

Split Wick:

Your spell will likely to have two results, one positve and one negative. 


This will likely create conflict and arguments. 


Your spell is not strong enough to produce a full results. 

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