Taper Candle Is Back In Style

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Where To Place Your Taper Candles?

With Covid pandemic that just left us, the traditonal taper candle has resurged back into our homes for decoration. People favour taper candles for their simple design and non toxic fragrance free nature. Taper candle makes a prominent and statement piece for our dinning room especially. In fact, the moment of lighting various taper candles changes the atomosphere and feeling of the space. Many people may even wonder, how to burn these taper candle without making a mess? Taper candles are quite versaitile in nature meaning that they can complement most interior design. You should have no trouble to make a lasting impression with Taper candles. However, even the most high quality candlestick does not fight gravity well enough.  Under the condition if the taper candles is not situated straight, it is more likely to drip no matter what. Therefore, it is necessary for candle maker to properly secure them in candle holder with metal wax holders. Taper candles offers a good focal point to the room. If you are debating where exactly to place taper candles, try place them at the center of your dinning table. The light rediating from taper candles create a nice symmetry arrangement when you enjoy your dinner. Another good location for taper candle would be the fireside. You can flip throught your facourite book while enjoy the warth of fireplace.The slender shape of taper candles would add a layer of initamate and inviting vibe to the fireplace.  

taper candle

What Does Taper Candle Symbolize?

Taper candles are often utilized in religious symbolic meaning in Christian tranditions with its origin dated back to 3000BC. The burning and lighting of taper candles embody light and hope from Jesus Christ himself. The presence of taper candle indicate that his followers should find enlightment of his teaching together as a united body. In other words, lighting taper candle signifies the illumination of hope among Jesus Christ believers. The light rediating from the candle are suppose to purify one's thought. Taper candle also act as a token of commitment and faith. Grandparents light the taper candle signifying the passing of light and wisdom of Jesus Christ from one generation to another. Because grandparents often serve the role of nurturing and instilling faith into the child from infancy, taper candles are often used in baptism ceremony. In such a senerio, parent and grandparents are often given a taper candle as a gift by the church member, usually by the paster himself to take home.  The taper candle is a memento for the baptism ceremony. With this taper candle, the baptised person are often reminded of the blessing of the God. Taper candles are also light to commerate other significant event in life such as a merriage. 

In a similar way,  In Chinese buddism, taper candles are often found in temples to as a sacred tribute to budda himself. Taper candles can be seen from many ceremonies and There is a traditional Chinese saying associated with taper candles, that is ,"Till the end of life a silkworm keeps spining silk, till burning itself out a candle goes on lighting us. "  In such case, taper candle represent wisdom and knowledge. When paying tribute to the budda himself, one should often be reminded of the altruistic intentions of the budda. Besides, the light from the taper candle helps to bring inner peace by purifying one's mind. Followers should stay more productive and attentive to honour the teching of the Budda in the atomsphere created by taper candle. 

In the same way, taper candle also represent the light budda followers have within themselves. It is by introspecting oneself from within to better realize the wisdom of the budda. 

On the other hand, the ancient pagen traditons, taper candles are used to signify passing of time. Because taper candles are thought to contain human energy in witchcrafts. There are superstitions light a taper candle can surmmon the spirit of the dead. The flickering light of the taper candle serve as a becon of hope for the dead. 

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Do Taper Candles Drip?

This first thing you have to keep in mind is that all candles do in fact drip. It is the way natural wax are designed to melt, and when gravity pulls the melted liquid wax down, it drips. Even though some taper candles claim that they are dripless, the mechanism behind is because dripless candle are designed to melt at a higher temperature than regular wax. Such design allow the candle itself to only drip around flame but not over the entire body of the candle. Next, time when you taper candles drip, please check if it is situated vertically. 

How Long Are Taper Candles?

Taper candles varies tremendously in size , which ranges from 20 inches to 6 inches. However, the most commonly recognized is 12 inches in hight. If you are looking for high quality wax, choose a beeswax candle 

Are Taper Candles Messy?

In general, a larger flame will cause taper candles to drip faster and leaving a gigantic mess behind. If you want to avoid candle mess in the first place. You can look for the word"dripless" label in manufactering manual. 


Looking For Taper Candles?

If you are looking for simple decorations for you wedding, Ohcans candle has a collection of taper candles especially designed for you.  In the case if you are looking for alternative holiday candle to ease any tension, Ohcans candle will have you covered as well. Check out Holiday Candle From our Amazon Store. 

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