What is Lemon Balm Essential Oil?

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What Are The Benefit Of Lemon Balm Essential Oil?

Lemon balm is harvested from nature by a process called stem distillation, with its official name Melissa Officialis oil. This particular essential oil has a rather mild minty twist with a subtle note of zesty lemon and honey. In Greek terms, the name denotes "honey bee". There are numberous benefit associated with lemon balm essential oil. Some of the obvious ones are it can comfort negative mood, chase away intrustive thought and stress and brings mindfulness and clearity to your senses. Throughout centuries, lemn balm has been charished for its calming and soothing properties, serving as a natural remedy for curing cold sores, vomiting and even digestion issues. Lemon balm is often consumed as a everday tea elixir to better reduce the symptoms of menstrual cramps. The is mainly due to the fact that lemon balm itself has pain alleviating properties.  In terms of its versatile culinary uses,  you can incoporate them in homemade salad and fruit tea for added flavour. You can enjoy the freshness of lemon balm in this coming summer. 

lemon balm essential oil

How To Use Lemon Balm Essential Oil?

  • Lip Balm

Lemon balm essential oil have be very versatile when incorporated into DIY Recipes. If you are happening to be suffering from cold sores,you can reap the anti-viral properties of lemon blem essential oil. There is a very beginner friendly Lip balm recipe. The lip balm is very compact in size which is easy for you to carry around. It is recommended to use this lip balm as a alternative treatment for cold sores. 

  • Body Butter

If you love skincare, you can use this lemon balm essential oil to make body butters and lotions. It is very ideal for sensitive skin. The oil can be mixed with a carrier oil such a coconut oil or shea better for added moisture. Because the texture is an emulsifier, it is recommended for dry and sensitive skin type. If you have oily prone skin, try making a gel form instead. 

  • DIY Toner

You can add a few drop of lemon balm oil to your toner. The lemon balm will add antibacterial and anti inflammation properties to the toner. It will make your skin appear better overtime.  The presence of lemon balm will help balance the PH level of your skin by calming acene prone skin and cleaning clogged pores. 

  • DIY Soap

As  lemon balm oil calming nature permeates the air, You can extend your creativity and capture your imagination with DIY lemon balm soap. There is a very simple DIY Lemon Balm Soap recipe Ohcans candle has prepared for you. You should keep an eye on the temperature of your soap mixture, if you want them set set properly without leaving any residue in the soap mold. For optimal result, you want to aim your lye mixture to be around 120~130F

  • DIY Message Oil 

You can infuse and combine lemon balm oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or  jojoba oil.Tipically, the process involves straining all your fresh lemon balm in a cloth to savor purified message oil mixture. By utilizing fresh herbs like lemon balm and infused natural oil, you can save your skin from unkown chemicals. Doing so will further prevent potential allergic reaction for your skin. There is the DIY Message Oil Recipe.

  • DIY Bath Bomb

If you happen to suffer from redness or skin irrations, simply add a few frops lemon balm essential oil to your bath tub may alleviate the symptoms. Lemon balm is a wonderful bug repellent when infused into candles. The tricky part to making bath bomb is to have patience when having them set. Otherwise, the bath bomb will not be able to retain its shape. It can be very expensive to purchase from retail stores such as Lush, so why not make your own

lemon balm essential oil


Does Lemon Balm Essential Oil Help To Reduce Stress?

Yes, in recent years, lemon balm has gain reputation of treating anxiety disorders. This is especially popular in holistic medicine. Consuming lemon balm capsule seem to be a natural approach to combat the negative feeling of stress and tension. By enhacing the positvity in our mood with lemon balm, our mind and cognitive function will remain to be sharp as well.  Lemon balm will naturally encourage the inhibitory GABA neurotransmitter production. Consequently, Lemon balm will in turn assuage the nervous system by producing a calming effect. 

lemon balm essential oil

Can Lemon Balm Essential Oil Help You Sleep Better?

Lemon balm will for sure help your sleep better by reliefing insomnia. There are studies proven that when lemon balm is combined with other herbs such as lavender, it will further improve the sleep quality. It will offer relaxation and sedative effect when take in moderate amount before bedtime. 


What Are Some Side Effect Of Using Lemon Balm Essential Oil?

Use lemon balm essential oil in a large amount may cause sleepingess and slowed breathing. In some extreme senarios, if you happen to have ingestion or a upset stomach, you should use discretion when using lemon balm essential oil. This particular oil is also not recommended for pregant and breastfeeding mom, because it may decrease milk supply. Therefore, you should definately avoid lemon balm essential oil if you are lactating.

Next time, when you are having trouble sleeping or sloving a complicated math problem, try a natural remedy or diy project with lemon balm essential oil. If you happen to be stressed at work, instead of quiting your job, pleae trying out Ohcans Pure Soy Wax or Ohcans Holiday Candle. Ohcans DIY Candle Making Kit is also a signature in our collection for beginner candle makers. If you are making your first batch of candles, please be sure to check them out. 

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