What Is Palo Santo Wood?

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What Is Polo Santo Wood?

Let's talk about Palo Santo wood, also known as holy wood! People are really interested in this special wood because it has natural remedies, spiritual connections, and aromatherapy benefits. 

This wood has an interesting history and unique characteristics that make it unique. The wood of Palo Santo comes from the species Burseria graveolens, which is native to Ecuador, Peru and other Central and South American regions. The wood comes from fallen branches or from trees that have reached their natural end of life. One of the most remarkable characteristics of this wood is its aroma. When burned, it produces a warm, citrusy, piney, and minty aroma. People love using it for incense and perfumes because of its unique fragrance.

How to Burn Polo Santo Stick

There is some tips and tricks on how to burn a polo santo wood properly. 


What Is The Use Of Palo Santo Stick?


  • Helps With the Healing Of the Body and Mind

Palo Santo wood not only has a pleasant aroma, but it is also thought to have healing properties. Some people believe that it can reduce stress levels, improve concentration during meditation, and aid in physical recovery. That's why many people use them to purify the atomsphere within their home. Because it comtains chemical component called limonene, which is a natual bug repellent. When transformed into a concentrated essential roller ball, it can automatically relieve cold symptoms such as throat pain and congestion. Moreover, the same chemical compound is responsible for relieving pain and inflammation. Palo santo resin is an aromatic compound of palo santo, it is believed to sweeping away worries and fears of the mind.  This special resin is capable of easing skin disorders such as eczema, psoriasis. It soothes the skin naturally. 

Have you ever heard of smudging and space clearing? It's a  way to cleanse the energy in a room using Palo Santo wood. To do a smudging ritual, you light one end of the Palo Santo stick and let it burn for a bit before blowing out the flame. Then, you wave the smoky stick around the room or over objects to get rid of any negative energy and make the space feel fresh and clean. People believe that smudging with Palo Santo can bring harmony, clarity, and good vibes to your home. It's like giving your living space a spiritual makeover! Indigious people believed that burning palo santo sticks could create a special and sacred feeling during important events and gatherings. The smoke from the burning wood was used like incense to help people concentrate better during meditation or spiritual ceremonies. The smell of polo santo wood  instantly lifts the mind and is used to improve memory and concentration. 

polo santo wood

Is Polo Santo Endangered?

Yes, polo santo wood has recently been  added to the  convention on international trade of endangered species due to the increased demand. There has been overhavesting issues common in some communities across united state. The tree is slow-growing and needs time to mature before its wood develops the aromatic properties it's known for. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to practive natural conservation of these valuable trees. Moreover, responsible and proper cultivation practice become paramount in ensuring the presence of polo santo trees. 

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