¿A qué huele el haba tonka?

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What Does Tonka Bean Smell Like?

The flavor is soft, sweet, milky smooth, with subtle spiciness, cinnamon, nutmeg, and hints of toasted almonds, with a tart accent of wild cherry.What does tonka bean smell like exactly? Tonka bean is the most commonly compared to old time favourite vinilla bean. Vinilla is smooth, creamy and sweet. While tonka bean on the other hand, is decribed as sweet, resinous, and sticy in nature. It also has a slightly nutty undertone similar to that of an almond. If you are trying the trace back the origin of tonka bean, the distinct scent originate from the chemical camarin. 

Picture it as a delightful concoction that seamlessly blends the tender sweetness of a creamy milkshake with a gentle spiciness that remind you  of a sprinkle of cinnamon and nutmeg. To top it off, a bright, freshness of wild cherries permeates  this exquisite aromatic composition, adding a touch of playful complexity to the overall experience.


tonka bean scent


Where Does Its Scent Come From?

Tonka beans, is naturlly found  from the seeds of the Coumarou tree, a majestic species native to the lush rainforests of Central and South America. In fact, the wood are not only valued for their high-quality hardwood but are particularly valued for the alluring complexity of their scent. These seeds exude a captivating fragrance that makes perfect combination with the rich essence of milky vanilla, fruity cherry, woody tobacco, subtle smokiness, and delicate hints of cinnamon, along with a touch of bittersweet almond and a warm, spicy note of clove.If you ever wonder about teakwood scent or sandalwood scent profiles, please check out our dedicated guide on these topics. 

There are various description of tonka bean scent profile. Essentially, coumarin responsible for the scent is being depicted as a solid odor resembling the scent of vinilla and a bitter taste. If you examine the scent profile in detail, there may be a trace of caramel even. 

tonka bean scent

The History of Tonka Bean

Tonka beans , with a small wrinkly dark brown seed pod , that resemble shriveled, wrinkly black beans or prunes, with a rough, bumpy exterior. They have a distinct potent vanilla-like aroma and flavor where you can notice from miles away. Despite their appearance, tonka beans are known for their rich, complex taste and aroma, making them a popular spice to add to cusines. 

In 1820,  French pharmacist named Nicholas first named new compound Coumarin. This is when coumarin is isolated from tonka bean before it is been applied in perfumes in 1882 by Houbigant. The main accord of the fragrance is consist of lavender, oak moss, and approximately 10% coumarin. Gradually, This particular fragrance family grow into the well know fern fragrance family, which is predominantly known for its mansculine scent. Originally, this wonderful smell of tonka has been discovered for perfumery purpose only. 

The term "fern fragrance family" is a bit of a misnomer since these scents don't actually smell like ferns.Fern fragrances typically feature a blend of lavender and aromatic top notes like thyme and rosemary, a floral heart with geranium, and a woody and vanilla base with oakmoss and coumarin. Over time, these scents have evolved to become fresher and lighter. An all time classic would be Davidoff Cool Water , which is  a  modern, fresh take on the classic fougère accord. Tipically, fragrance in this family is often described as masculine , green and deep. 

what does tonka smell like

What Is the Use of Tonka Beans?

 Besides being found naturally in plants like cinnamon, lavender, liquorice, cassia, and grass, coumarin is notably abundant in tonka beans. My first encounter with tonka beans was at Silk Road Spice Merchant, a local spice shop in Calgary. I had one of their toonka bean flavoured ice cream.

To be honest, the scent of tonka beans is tantalizing. The aroma is rather  multifacet, with notes of almond, vanilla, a touch of cinnamon, and a hint of  fruity punch of cherry. This collection of flavors makes tonka beans a sought after spice to add to cusines. They add incredible depth and complexity to desserts like custards, ice creams, and chocolate dishes.

The beans can also enhance savory dishes, bringing a subtle, sweet-spicy note that elevates the overall flavor profile. On the other hand, my friend complained that the scent actually reminded him of furniture polish.

Apart from the tipical use for culinary desert, tonka beans has an well established presence in traditionally medicine. If you happen to suffer from mouth ulcers. I can imagine how it can be painful and annoy at times, so you can try applying some tonka bean to the affected area for additional pain relief. The fruit and seed of tonka bean are believed to have properties that can alleviate cramps, nausea, cough symptoms.  For medicinal purpose, Tonka bean are claimed to have the ability to reduce swelling and water retention. 

When used in aromatheraphy as an essential oil, This exact scent  is considered to have mood lifting properties while boosting sexual excitement. Its fragrant aroma  has the remarkable ability to establish a serene ambiance that fosters tranquility and acheive deep relaxation when taking a deep sniff. 

By the way, when consuming tonka bean in large quantities, it is always a good idea to have some read mannuals. According to the FDA, tonka bean is considered to be unsafe. Tonka bean may cause various side effect  including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, sleeplessness, and liver issues.

 Tonka Beans Use In Arabic Perfume

A majority of my friend are falling very much in love with arabic perfume. If you are into potent oud incense, you will certainly love tonka beans in Arabic perfume. 

Arabic perfumes embody the region's bold, generous spirit through potent, rich scents. Tonka beans play a pivotal role, lending a smooth, long-lasting vanilla-almond aroma. Top brands like Swiss Arabian (Shaghaf Oud, Oud Mood) and Lattafa expertly blend tonka with rose, wood, and smokiness for enveloping, opulent fragrances. Tonka imparts a velvety sweetness that captures the Middle East's perfumery heritage, inspiring global brands. Affordable yet high-quality, houses like Dubai's Lattafa showcase tonka's warm qualities. Its versatility makes tonka a prized ingredient in the Arab world's captivating, indulgent fragrance traditions.





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