How Does Guaiacwood smell like?

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Where Does Guaiacwood Come From?

The guaiacwood comes from the Guaiacum sanctum tree (also known as guayacan or Guayacan), which is grown near Asuncíon, Paraguay in a sustainable manner by responsibly managed forests that preserve the natural surroundings. The tree is indigenous to the tropical regions of the Americas. This tree has been historically revered for its medicinal properties, and is respected as a subject of pharmacy for its resin and sedatives. The wood of  this tree called  Guaiacum sanctum is in fact the hardest and most sturdy one that goes beyond the limit of oak wood. Its oil smells similar to that of sandalwood, giving it a sweet, woody scent and this combination is why it is a celebrated one in perfumery for its tranquil and calming qualities that can help to relieve stress. It has now transited into a highly coveted perfumery ingredient.

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What Are Guaiacwood Common Uses ?

If you examine histry closely, you will discover how guaiacwood has been used to treat a number of natural remedies. The various range of ailment range from respiratory disease, joint discomfort and even annoy skin conditions.  

Traditionally , Guaiacwood is considered as a sacred wood to deter and drive away evil spirit. Specifically, guaiacwood has believed to reduce inflammation in the respiratory tract. If you accidentally caught a cold,  drinking some guaiacwood tonic will help you clear your airways and save you from congestions.  Since it is capable of loosen up muscles and tension, it is often used as an alternative to relieve joint pain and sore muscles. if you are looking to get rid of oily skin and a natural detox to boost lympathic circulation. You will receive a more rediant skin if you apply guaiacwood essential oil often. 

It possesses calming properties that aid in relieving tension and slowing reflexes, while its mood-uplifting and mentally clarifying characteristics enhance emotional balance and creativity.

Guaiacwood are often made into various forms of products such as lip balms, lotions, salves, soaps, and even candles. The possibility is just endless. 

What Does Guaiacwood Smell Like?

The exact scent of guaiacwood is often described as having a layer of sophistication rather than a simple note. It is often used as a base note in perfumery. People often guaiacwood as something in between. It exhabit the richness of sandalwood but also retain the freshness of a balsam scent. The overall scent is often described as warm and woodywith a floweral undertone. It has a complex scent with a slightly sweet and honey undertone. When incorporated into perfume making, Guaiacwood is used to preserve the longivity of a fragrance. 


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How To Use Guaiacwood For Yoga Practices?

In aromatheraphy and yoga practices, Guaiacwood is often been associated with grounding and uplifting nature. There are mainly two main ways to use it, one of wich is to mix water with guaiacwood essential oil to make a meditation spray. Another common approach is to use guaiacwood oil in a more concentrated form. You can choose to apply it topically to your third eye chakra and heart chakra. Guaiacwood is also widely used in smudging for purify the energy of a certain area. 

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What Are the Method of Extracting Guaiacwood Essential Oil?

Guaiacwood tipically use steam distillaton during its extraction process.  This is the most simple and commonly used method. This approach tipically takes a lenghthy 24 hours process.  This intricate method utilises wood shavings and sawdust derived from the very heart of the guaiacum tree.As a result, the leftover liquid are been volatilized and collected as essential oil. On the other hand, the solid form of the plant transformed into semi-crystallized paste with a woody scent and hints of rose and smoke.  Back in the days, Guaiacwood was utilized to create fences for cattles. 


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