¿A qué huele el eucalipto?

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Eucalyptus offers a unique, refreshing scent that connects us deeply with nature. Whenever you are taking a trail walk in the nature, you will notice a sense of  refreshing and calming mint sent  emitted by Eucalptus plant.  In general , Eucalptus is a plant that flourish all year around.  You will notice that the scent of eucalptus is much more prominent and pungent  in nature compared to indoors. Hopefully, you will gain more insight into Eucalptus plant as you finished reading this blog post. 

What Does Eucalptus Smell Like?

The forest surrounds you with earthy scents, enhancing the overall freshness.

What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like


What Are Different Types Of Eucalptus Trees?

There are prodominately three types of Eucalptus Trees, which is commonly known as lemon eucalputus, mint peppermint eucapltus tree, and as well as silver dollar eucalptus tree.

Lemon Eucalptus Tree 

Lemon eucalyptus, with its refreshing scent, teams up perfectly with invigorating mint peppermint eucapltus tree and silver dollar eucalptus tree. Its Euclaptus leaves are narrow lance shaped, to sword pointy shaped at the tip. The lemon eucalptus tree has a rather pungent citrus scent. If you have experience with burning a citronella candle, it should be not surprise that the candle is infused with lemon euclaptus oil. The exact component is citronellal, which is distilled from the leaves of lemon eucalptus tree. 

Mint Peppermint Eucalptus Tree 

If you are to examine the smell of pappermint Eucalptus tree compared to lemon eucalptus tree, you will notice that it has a rather mild and subtle scent. In term of the scent profile, instead of resembling citrus and lemon, it has a unique mint and herbal undertone to it. Besides, eucalptus tree actually blooms from October to January with white flowers. As its shape is a woody capsule, which makes it  perfect for gardening and lanscapes. If you happen to love robust plant, you can consider getting a peppermint Eucalptus  tree. 

What does Eucalyptus Smell Like


Silver Dollar Eucalptus Tree 


Standing tall among them is the majestic eucalyptus tree, with its elegant silver dollar leaves that add a touch of subtle elegance to any space. Did you know? Silver dollar eucalptus tree is considered to be a tropical plant. As the tree tipically flourish in a tropical climate where full sun exposure and well drained soil is a necessity. On the other hand, this tree is characterized by its silver spoon shaped leves with a smooth texture.  

What Does Eucalyptus Smell Like

What Is The Origin And History Of Eucalptus Essential Oil ?

This 150 feet tall trees are found to be native to Austrilia.  Its leaves are being valued for the practical yet aromatic essential oil. 

Australia started producing eucalyptus oil back in 1860 near Melbourne. It quickly became a hit worldwide, but post-WWII, high labor costs and a shift to wheat farming pushed eucalyptus oil production to the sidelines. The industry nearly vanished as production moved overseas, with Eucalyptus globulus dominating due to its fast growth and low labor costs in Asia.

However, the tide turned in the 1990s when Western Australian farmers, battling rising salinity, planted Eucalyptus Kochii trees. These trees not only solved their soil issues but also sparked a eucalyptus oil revival. Fun fact: eucalyptus oil is a natural solvent, perfect for commercial cleaning and laundry. Plus, it’s a renewable resource; some trees have been harvested for over 100 years! Now, Eucalyptus Kochii oil is a overall triumph : it helps the farmers and brings Australian eucalyptus oil back into the spotlight.


Why Doesn’t My Eucalyptus Plant Smell Better in the Shower?

Ever wondered why your eucalyptus plant loses its scent when you are in the shower?  The answer lies in humidity. This is due to the differences in the levels of humidity. The mechanism is the oil gland on the leaves secretes large amount of oil infused with aromatic fragrance. When it is dry, it becomes easier for euclyptus oil to evaporate. However, the high humidity in your shower will be a limiting factor slowing down the process. This exaplains why why you can not smell eucalptus in your shower. 

To enhance your shower experience, consider using eucalyptus-scented candles. These candles can be unaffected by humidity, transforming your shower into a relaxing, spa-like environment. You can try our lavender gardenia one, as it is equally potent. 

What Does Eucalyptus Smell like


How to Make Your Eucalyptus Shower Experience Better



 If undiluted oil touches the skin, it can cause itching and swelling.

Be cautious with products like Vicks VapoRub and Listerine, which contain eucalyptus oil. If ingestion occurs, vets might use   activated charcoal to treat your pet. Always rinse any oil off their skin with a gentle wash. 


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