How To Use Essential Oil Blends to Make Candles

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Aromatheraphy Candle Making Guide

when you light a candle after work , the warm glow from the candle allow you to immerse in a sense of comfort while drinking your favorite coffee. Please let the stress and tension will fade away in your shoulder, as you start turn on your double boiler. By the way, please check out our specialty aromatheraphy candle. It might be their charm, or the way the dancing flame brings life back to the room or it could just be that soft, ambient glow, but there is something so very beautiful about candles. It is amazing how the flame of the candle can spark romance and tranquility. 

Materials Needed:

Essential oils of your choice........................................6 drops

Soy wax.....................................................................100g

Dried flowers...............................................................1 pack

Candle Dyes..................................................................optional

About Soy Wax Selection

It is definately the most evironmentally friendly option to use for candle makers. Soy wax is a clean burning wax meaning it is 100% naturally drived from pure soy beans. It has a tipical melting point of 45c, and a suggusted pouring temerature of 60c.Another add benefit is that melting soy oil is safe for skin to apply on skin. 


About Essential Oil Selection

Essential oils are the soul of candle making, bringing life and fragrance to the wax foundation. However, utilizing pure essential oils poses some challenges for beginners.

First, sourcing high-quality, authentic essential oils online can be tricky and takes research to find trustworthy suppliers.

Secondly, as you would expect for concentrated plant essences, these oils come with a hefty price tag - a tiny 10ml bottle of single oil can cost over $100. Another thing to keep in mind, when working with essential oils, it requires some experience and skills because it can easily evaporate. If lacking proper technique, essential oil can be tricky to handle for candle making. 

Therefore, for beginner candle makers , it is worthwhile to purchase budget friendly food grade essential oils. You can purchase them at your local grocery store as it is eaily accesible. 

essential oils

Can You Use Essential Oils For Candle Making?

This is undoubtfuly one of the most often asked questions we receive at Ohcans Candle.  The answer is yes, essential oils can can used for candle making but there are a few things you may want to take into consideration beforehand. 

Essential oils are notoriously for not blending well with candles wax. There are two scenerios when combining essential oils.  One of which is essential oils are notoriously known for not mixing well with candle wax, especially when the difference between the two is extreme. Another cause would be because essential oils more than often have rather low flash points. Because of this particular reason, essential oils are more likely to evaporate when added to candle wax. This in turn minimize the scent throw of the candle, meaning you can not pick up the scent of the candle as easily as you wish. 

How Fast Do Essential Oils Work?

It may be hard to imagine that aromatheraphy essential oil work at a drastic speed than you imagine it to be. 

How Fast Do Essential Oils Work?

Essential oils are quite volatile and unstable in nature. Essential oils are volatile, aromatic liquids extracted from plants, found in various parts of the plant kingdom. These oils are highly concentrated and contain only the most pure form of the plants themselves. With well known aromatic properties, essential oils are absorbed by the body at the cellular level.

Generally speaking, it takes approximately 22 seconds for oil molecules to reach the brain, and another 2 minutes for oils to be found within the bloodstream, yet another 20 minutes for essentail oils to reach every cell in human body.  All in all, it takes no more than half an hour for essential oils to contribute to the well being of the body and mind. 

 What Are the Best Essential Oil Blend For Candle Making?

You can pick an essential oil from the list below. If you are a candle maker who is trying to turn your passion into a profitable venture. 

1.Lavender essential oil:Lavender essential oil  is versatile, calming, soothing and balancing, a natural anti-inflammatory and detoxifying agent, and can be used to prevent second-degree infections by scenting with lavender essential oil when you have a cold or cough. It can also help with sleep.

2.Ylang ylang :Ylang ylang essential oil can release nervous tension, soothe anxiety, make people become relaxed, calm, but also has the effect of aphrodisiac.

3.Bergamot:is both soothing and uplifting, making it a great choice for times of anxiety, depression, and nervousness; its uplifting effect is different from the euphoric effect and can help one relax.

4.Sweet Orange :is one of the few essential oils proven to have a calming effect. Sweet Orange Essential Oil with its sweet orange scent calms nerves, relieves stress, keeps your mind happy while promotes vitality. It can drive away tension and stress, and improve insomnia caused by anxiety.

5.Lemongrass Essential Oil :has an exotic flavor and is known for its invigorating and fatiguing properties. It is also very effective in removing odors in summer.

6.Peppermint essential oil :cools and awakens the mind, is the best pick-me-up, deodorizes, good for summer, not for bedrooms.

7.Eucalyptus essential oil:is a very good antiseptic, can purify the air, can be anti-viral, for colds caused by respiratory discomfort is very helpful, especially suitable for places where there are elderly people and children living.

8.Lemon essential oil: is rejuvenating and helps clear the mind. It is a natural anti-bacterial blend  and suitable for summer use.

About Selecting The Correct Candle Making Supplies

Wick Selection Choose cotton over wood wicks. Wood wicks can crackle, emit smells, and leave unsightly black debris in the wax pool when burned. Cotton offers clean, even burning. On the other hand, wood wick gives you a nice cracking sound when burned. 

Wax Types

Soy wax : Affordable, accessible base wax that poses no health risks, though impurities can impact burn quality.

Beeswax : Eco-friendly, pure beeswax actually purifies air. Often blended with other waxes to harden candles. 

Coconut wax :may be a bit expensive  but a high quality, non-toxic option. Provides a beautifully clean burn. Blend soy for structure and beeswax for rigidity when making free-standing pillar candles. A 1:1 ratio improves hardness and burn time.

Dried Botanicals :Choose between real dried flowers retaining 3D shapes or flattened decoupaged botanical sheets. Both add visual interest to candle designs.

Step by Step Procedures 

1.Add the water to the outer pot, and make sure it's not too full. Remeber the tipical and classic double boilder method we have talked about before. 

candle making supplies

2.Turn the induction cooker to maximum and heat the water until it boils.

candle making supplies

3.Place the inner pot on top of the outer pot, pour in the soy wax, melt, remove and set aside to cool. 

candle making suppies

4.Pour the wax solution into a glass container. You can add some dried herbs after your candle has cured.

If you are in the market, shopping for a all in one budget friendly candle making kit, head over to Ohcans Candle On Amazon Or Aliexpress. We have curated a selection of products for candle maker and candle lovers. If you are looking for a cheaper dupe for your signature luxery candle scent. Pick ohcans candle. 

Tips and Tricks On Making Candles

Wax Melting

  1. Use a double boiler with stainless steel pots for safety and easy cleaning. The water bath method prevents exceeding wax material's 100°C burning point.

  2. Fill outer pot only 1/3 full of water to melt wax efficiently.

  3. Heat wax to 90°C to turn sold wax into pouring liquid form .Remeber to remove inner pot and allow wax to cool to 80°C before adding dyes. Further cool to 60°C before mixing in essential oils.

    aromatheraphy candle

    Essential Oil Guidlines

    1. For a 100g candle, add 3-5g of essential oils based on purity levels and personal preference.

    2. Thoroughly incorporate oils at 40°C before pouring the wax at room temperature to prevent protential cracks. 

    3. Too much scent throw may potentially cause wick mushrooming


    1. Single wick suits most containers under 9cm diameter. Use multiple wicks for wider pillars.

    2. Botanical essential oils have subtler scents than synthetic fragrances. Wood and resin profile offer stronger aromas.

    3. If you happen to select the wrong size of wick for your candle, your candle may leave too much wax on the side of the container. 

    Surface Decoration

    1. Coat mold walls with olive oil to easily unmold finished candle. You can also rrange dried flowers on sides.

    2. Drop flowers in a thin wax layer so they adhere. Inevitable tiny bubbles will form as the wax rapidly sets. Touch up gaps by briefly warming the exterior then smoothing edges by hand. This allows the wax to capture all sides of petals evenly.


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