DIY Ice Cube Mango Pudding Candle Tutorial

by ohcans official

How To Make Ice Cube Mango Pudding Candle

When you look at this title, you may begin to wonder why it is called ice cube mango pudding candle? You guys are probably wondering when you see the title, ice and candles are two completely opposite things, right? Yes, so here it is just using ice cubes to shape and I hope my sharing will bring you new inspiration!

This particular candle recipe calls for several simple candle making supplies. You can improvise with what you have in your kitchen cupboard or even use left over stationary packagings as a candle container. 

Candle Making Supplies

1. container (preferably tearable, like a milk carton, or left over boxes)

2. pieces of wax, or cut up wax cubes

3. candle wicks

4. small pot of boiling wax (discarded cans can be used)

5. large pot for boiling water

6. discarded chopsticks (small sticks)

7. thermometer


9.essential oil

10.Ice cubes

Step By Step Candle Making Instruction 

plastic box

1. For today, I am using left over stationary boxes. This plastic box is taped shut to the bottom, because you do not want any possible wax to drip outside. 

candle wick

2.A good tip for beginner candle makers, Don't forget the little metal wick holder when you buy the candle wicks!

organic soy wax

3.Remeber to purchase these organic and ecofriendly soy wax from Ohcans candle. I've only ever bought soy wax because the first time I bought it I found it smelled great, light and creamy, and it made great color saturated candles, and I've been going back to soy wax ever since, and it's a very natural and eco-friendly option!

melting candle wax

4.Please melt your wax over water gradually. In fact, in addition to buying new raw soy wax from store . You can also choose your own left over old candles , which are burned half way, to go as an replacement for new soy wax. You old candles can be upcycled. In such case, your old candles may have a scent you do not like, you can dilute it or create a new mixture with your essential oils. 

candle dye

5. Candle dye blocks are an excellent choice for beginner candle maker. In such a scenario, you may have a clumsy hand to begin with. These candle are small blocks of color that can be added to candles to tint them different hues. They come in a wide range of rich colors from bold reds and oranges to pastel pinks and blues. This is what I am using in today's tutorial. Remeber, a liitle goes a long time. Be sure to control the amount of wax dye, and be careful not to put too much in at once. You put a little piece of dye into melted wax. Then add your favarite essential oil once the temperature is <140F.

6.Give the mixture a thoroughful stir, because you want to make sure that everyting is mixed properly. 

candle dyes

ice cube

7. Take out some ice cube from the fridge. 

ice cube mango pudding candle

8.Place candle wicks, ice cubes. First , plece tape the candle wick in the center. You would want to ensure that it is securely placed in the center. Next, you can choose to add a bit of melted wax. If there is no leaking. Place a layer of ice cube on top. 

melted candle wax

9. Once you have added your wax cube, please add melted wax. 

mango pudding ice candle

mango pudding ice candle

mango pudding ice candle

mango pudding ice candle

10.You can see that our candle is gradually solidifying. This looks eactly like a mango pudding as it is solidifying. 

mango pudding ice candle

mango pudding ice candle

11. You can choose to trim the wick after it has becomes solid. 

Now, you can gift this candle candle pudding as a nice gesture on your first date. Cheers!




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