Handmade DIY: A Cupcake Candle Tutorial

by ohcans official

It is the normal Friday as aways. Without any signs, it is almost end of year without any notice. Christmas is just around the corner. Let us prepare this handmade cake candle for loved ones. 

Candle Making Supplies Needed 

Wax Melting Pot,

Soy Wax,

Candle Wick

Color Crayons,

Silicone Molds,


Cupcake trays,

laminating bags

Framing nozzles


handmade cupcake candle


How To Make Colorful Cupcake Candles

The Cupcake Part 1:

1.Pour the soy wax into the wax melting pot, scrape in the orange-tinted crayon, and stir appropriately until the wax is melted. You will receive a yellow solution in the end.

melting soy wax

melting soy wax

2.Place cupcake paper molds on a tray and pour in melted wax.

melting wax

3.Take a number of cups, scrape into your favorite color crayon crushed, pour into the melted wax, stir to make colored wax liquid.

mixing melted wax

4.Pour the colored wax liquid into the assorted molds, let it stand for more than half an hour, take off the mold and set aside.

melting wax

5.Unmold cupcake body and pierce candle wicks through holes tied from the bottom.

cupcake candle

The Yummy Frosting Part 2:

1.Melt a little more soy wax, put the wax mixture under cold water and stir constantly with a whisk or egg beater until creamy. 


2.Pour the "cream" into a piping bag, as soon as possible in the "cake embryo" on the upper part of the extrusion, to avoid solidification of the shape.You would want to create the frosting while the wax is soft. 

3.According to their own preferences decorated with "fruit" "chocolate", and finally scraped on the color crayon crumbles, cake candles on the completion of it!

cupcake candle

4, you can then make some macaron candles, half of the macaron on the squeeze "cream" portion , covered with the other half gently pressed;

5.When the wax has solidified, taper through the macaroons and thread on the candle wicks.

cupcake candle

Blessing For Next Year

As usual, We share gather there to share the blessings of Jesus Christ. When you reflect back in the year of 2023, we sincerely hope with Christmas preyers and handmade cupcade candles, you will find yourself in the presense of God's blessings. Gather together with your loved one's and friends, you may choose to say a prayer to God on Christmas Eve , before you open your Christmas gift on Chritmas morning. May we pause for a moment, to better reflect on what truly matters in our life.  

When you are light this cute handmade cupcake candle, may the flickering light brings warmth and gratitute nevertheless what hardships you have overcomed in the past year. May your best wishes come true in the coming season. Wether you are looking for successful career or a lovely partner,  you will find what you deserve. 

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