How I Upcycle and Repurpose Used Wax?

by ohcans official

Now, picture this: a cozy winter evening, a flickering candle casting a warm glow, and a thought pops into my head – what if this candle could live on in a whole new light? Ever wondered what your leftover candles could become? Well, get ready to embark on a journey with me as we uncover the wild and wacky world of repurposing and upcycling wax. We're not just talking about your run-of-the-mill candles; we're diving deep into the art of giving wax a second life, because why let all that potential awesomeness go to waste, right? Please join together with Ohcans candle to reduce waste by upcycling used wax

What To Do With Used Wax ?

If you happen to have used wax that you do not particularily like, you can either repurpose it as wax melt of making whole new candles out of it.  When my friend even suggested to seal up shoe lace frays, I think it is really a creative way for upcycling used wax. What eactly is the solution?  Instead of getting new shoe laces, dripping hot wax onto the ends of the shoelaces and rolling them between your fingers will help will fix them.

  • Seal Your letters With Wax Seal Stamps

What a creative way to reuse and repurpose your left over wax. By adding a personal touch to your caligraphy and letters with an embossed wax stamp. You can mail out wedding invitations and even afternoon tea invitations. 
  • Fix Up Your Drawers And Locks 

Have you encountered such instance, when your drawer and lock suddenly refuse to work because of rust issue? Adding a layer of wax will protect locks from rusting.  Wax acts as a paint sealant and will seal any dirt, grease, or rust to your  door locks and metal drawer sliders.

  • Making Some DIY Wax Melts 

You can choose to make some DIY wax melt if you are looking for some portable options. When it comes to candles, it can be too heavy to carry around in your university domitory. Therefore, you can repurpose your leftover candles into portable chunks. You can either use it with a wax burner or simply carry them around in your napkins. It would be constantly releasing fragrant aromas. 

  • Repair A Broken Zipper With Left Over Wax

Have you got a jerky zipper that would pull? We have the solution for you. Simply dab some wax over the zipper with damp paper towel. You will receiver a zipper like new once you have done that. It is a wonderful way to reduce waste. Next time, when you are thinking about throwing away your wax, try to use it for repairing your zipper. 

How To Repurpose Your Leftover Wax Into New Candles?

1.Collect some left over wax of your choice. It can be very random. It does not have to follow a specific pattern. 

melted wax

2.Take out a piece of partchment paper. Staple each side to make into a container shape.

parchement paper

3.Pour in your melted wax

melted wax

4.Wait for your wax marble to solidify. 

solidified wax

5.Break your solidified wax into pieces. 

solidied wax

6.Pour in melted soy wax into container

melted wax

7.Add in solidified wax pieces. 

solidified wax

8.Add more along the way,until you have reached top. 

finished product

9.Wait for everything to solidify. Enjoy your finished product. 

soy wax candles

We hope that you enjoy this DIY tutorial with Ohcans candle. It is very easy to get stated. In terms of measurement, it depends on the amount of left over wax you have. Remeber, the transparent white soy wax is unscented, so the mixture of aroma and scent do come from your left over candles. Happy candle making. 

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