How to make Coffee Candles with Coffee Grounds

by ohcans official

You may wonder what to do with your leftover coffee grinds. They are a great source for upcycling. Did you know that candle-making can be very easy to do? It is in fact deceptively craft to get started for beginners.It is very insipiring to get started with common household items such as ice, leftover plastic wrappings, and coffee grinds. 

Do you often linger in coffee shops just because you are intoxicated with the smell of coffee itself? I personally really love them. Therefore, Ohcans candle has decided to looking for what alternative ways to upcycle these coffee grounds. You can ask for your barista to leave some for you for free at your local coffee shop. 

Tips For Making Coffee Candles With Coffee Grinds. 

Keep coffee Grounds Dry

  • Remember to air dry the coffee grounds first to make sure they are dry.This is because the moisture within coffee ground could affact the burning quality and length of the finished candle. 
  • . Coffee grounds are added at about 20%, the color and taste will be good
  • You can put the coffee grounds inside the wax liquid to cook for a while longer, the flavor will be more intense
  • Strain before molding
  • If you like a stronger flavor, you can add more coffee and vinilla scented essential oils.

How To Make Coffee Grind Candle

Candle Making Suppies You Will Need

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