How to use Ohcans candle making kits?

by ohcans official

First, what are the some of the supplies you will need:

  1. first and foremost, you will need candle making kits from Ohcans Candle. Of course, it would be even better if you have the following essential tools.

Heating furnace, wax melting pot, wax core fixator, lengthening stirring spoon, electronic scale, thermometer, special firearm, scented candle maintenance kit, mold, Plasticine, manual twist, clip, sandpaper, special scraper, glue.
Just like what the picture below has shown:

candle making kit

candle making supplies


2.What additional material you need to prepare?
Pure plant essential oil (or essence), soy wax and white beeswax (other waxes to suit your mood), wax core, dried flowers, coloring agent。
Soybean wax
The main material is plant wax extracted from natural soybean oil, which has a very fine in small sheets in shape. The wax itself is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Waste can be biodegradable.
Soybean wax suitable for the production of aromatherapy wax cups, aromatherapy wax sachet.

The melting point of soybean wax is 45c, and it is recommended that the temperature of soy bean wax to be 60c during hand pouring. The surface of soybean wax is milky white, with a light milk flavor. Wax pigment can be added, the recommended ratio is 100g soy wax into 3~4g essential oil.

About “Selecting the Right Essential Oil”

If the wax is the cornerstone is the appearance level, then the aromatherapy essential oil is worthy of the whole soul,

But for the untrained eye, using essential oils is one of the biggest headaches,

Its pure plant essential oils are not so easy to buy, and the true and false essential oils on the Internet are mixed and difficult to distinguish.

The second price is expensive, the purity of 10ml is more than 100 yuan;

The three essential oils are easily volatilized into the high wax liquid, which requires high production skills, or waste;

Its four unilateral essential oils smell monotonous, good smell requires compound aroma, professional players will be skills

So often novice, if the quality requirements are not so harsh, you can also start from the essential oil essence. These are relatively budget friendly and easy to get at craft store.

How to selecting the right candle making supplies

  1. Wick tipically has two choices, either cotton or wood. Appearance horizontal selection of wood, the use of recommended to choose cotton core. Because the wood core purchase is uneven, most of the burning will have a little sound, and the wood is not good will have an odor, and there will be black wood chips falling in the wax pool after burning for a long time, and it is not beautiful after solidification.

2, wax, is the most important raw materials for making scented candles, can be divided into natural wax and artificial wax.

Artificial wax is made from paraffin wax, minerals and polymers extracted from petroleum. Paraffin wax has food grade (non-toxic) and industrial grade (toxic), and now most players value health, and are not willing to buy paraffin wax.

Natural waxes include soybean wax, beeswax, coconut wax and so on

Soybean wax: Soybean wax is a more common wax in scented candles, bad soybean wax will have certain impurities, but because it is a plant wax, it has no adverse effects on the human body. Relatively ordinary, the price is also relatively ordinary, you can try.

Beeswax: beeswax is a relatively environmentally friendly wax, 100% pure beeswax candles can also purify the air when burning, so beeswax candles are known as the “noble” in candles, usually we choose to mix it with other waxes to improve hardness and smoothness.

Coconut wax: Candles made with coconut wax are more gentle, harmless to the human body, coconut wax itself will be more expensive than soybean wax, so the price will be higher, the pursuit of quality usually choose to try this

Soybean wax is relatively soft, beeswax can increase the robustness, such as doing a long column of candles can add beeswax, can increase the hardness is

not easy to break, but also extend the burning time, usually we will 1:1 deployment.

3, dried flowers: dry flowers are divided into two kinds, one is prototype dried flowers, direct dehydration to maintain three-dimensional prototype; There is also a bet flower, that is, a flat flower

4, candle dyeing agent (alcohol dyeing agent, oil dyeing agent, powder, paste, granular, rod)

The most common dyes on the market are solid and liquid, and they work pretty much the same.

To make light candles, use less dye, especially filamentous dye, which only needs a little to fully color.

candle making supplies

What are some precaustions and tips for candle making?
1, heating melted wax material, segmented temperature regulation is recommended 1-3 grades;

2, choose pot stainless steel material, can safely melt wax material at high temperature, professional design, wax is convenient. The outer pot is specially used for wax heating, adding water and the inner pot, the wax temperature will not exceed 100 degrees Celsius when the wax is added. This will not destroy the nature of the natural wax material.

3, when melting wax, the outer pot of water should not be too full, one-third can be;

4, the temperature is almost completely melted to 90 degrees, the inner pot is removed to wait for the return temperature, the temperature drops to 80 degrees to add pigments (do not skip this step), the temperature drops to 60 degrees to add essential oils

5, 100g candle add 3-5g essential oil, according to the purity of the essential oil, personal preferences, can be appropriate to add or subtract

6, stir evenly, the temperature is reduced to 40 degrees, you can pour into the mold, the temperature is not much different from room temperature as far as possible, otherwise freezing cold will lead to the appearance of cracks on the wax surface.

candle making kit

candle making kit

Candle Caring Instructions

Candle storage
Store candles in a cool, dark and dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Too much heat

or direct sunlight can cause the candle’s surface to melt. Which in turn affects the process of spreading candles. Resulting in insufficient aroma when ignited.
Lighting a candle
Before lighting a candle, please make sure to trimm the candle wick 5mm~8mm
When burning the candle for the first time, please continue to burn for 2 to 3 hours, the candle has a burning memory. If the first fire does not heat the wax core evenly and the surface completely melts, then the candle will burn only around the center of the wick.
Increase the burning time of your candle

In short, making scented candles is a very beautiful thing, but also the process of constantly pleasing yourself

In your spare time, DIY your own scented candle with your loved one.


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