10 Candle Making Tips For Beginners

by ohcans official

Are you rubbing your fist and palm to start your first batch of candles?  There are 10 candle making tips Ohcans candle decide to prepare for you. Please do not be frustrated as you have just got started on your candle making journey. 

10 Candle Making Tips From A Pro

1.Research on Candle Making Supplies Before You Get Started

You should get prepared to get the right set of equipment and candle making kit beofore you get strated on candle making process. For example, you may consider getting an electic candle melting kit. Either way, you need a double boiler in some safe or form to ensure the overall success of your candle. 

A double boiler can give your melted wax a consistant even temperature during the heating process. By the way, your wax may become grainy or lumpy if the temperature becomes too hot. 

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2. Select The Right Candle Wick For Your Candle

There are mainly two type of candle wick on the market,The traditional wicks were made of cotton. It is a common and robust material for candle wicks. When buying your pack of wick from the craft store, You want to aim for the correct size and length that is compatable with your candle. Generally, you want to purchase a wick that is about 1/8 inch in diameter of the size of your candle. This is why when you will see multiple wicks when you have got a large candle that has a large diameter. 

3.Are Soy Wax A Better Choice For Candle Making Beginners?

Spring is approaching. Since is the casual  allergy season, soy wax is absolutely natural ,vegan, and an ecofriendly choice. Thus, the non-toxic properties of soy beans makes it a hypoallergic choice. It is safe to use even if you are pregnant. As soy wax is naturally formulate without any additives or chemicals. With a low melting point and an impressive ability to hold fragrances, soy wax is often a go to choice for candle makers. 

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4. Keep An Organized Working Space

You want to lay newspepers or something underneath your candle making space. Doing so will prevent unnecessary spills. As a matter of fact, a neat and tidy space is not only visually appealing but also makes it easier to moniter the appearance of your candle. 

5.Keep A Candle Making  Technique Log

Have you got into the habit of writing and tracking your mood and daily event when you are in college? It is a good habit to keep around. Remeber, each time when you are making a new candle, you are experienmenting with multiple factors. Temperature, Wax type, Time, and the right amount of fragrance can all attribute to the success of the final product. Keep a journal to track your triumpth and error. This can make your candle making process much easier in the long run. 

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6.Ignore The Temptation To Add Crystal Rocks And Dried Flowers 

Remeber, when it is your first time making a candle. You want to pick out a rather  simple candle making recipe. Materials such as dried flower is only to be added as docoration once you finished making your candles. If you accidently add dried flowers and crystal rocks to your wax mixture, you increase the chance of fire hazard. You do not want your candle to explode when you are preparing for a romantic date?

7.Choosing The Right Fragrance With Your Candle 

Time is certainly an essence. The right formulaton is made up of the correct fragrance with its compatable wax. Some fragrance may possess an inherent scent that is very strong to the nose. However, when you decide to added it to the candle wax, it become hard to pick up. The pouring temperature can also determine how potent the scent becomes. The scent may to hard to notice if you have poured a wrong temerature range. 

As a beginner, I would personally recommend choose a simple fragrance free candle to start your candle making venture. (Fragrance Temperature Guide) 

8.Poke Your Candle To Prevent Tunneling

Tunneling can happen for several reasons, such as either too much wax being used or a large wick. The other thing would be not allowing your candle to cool off properly when pouring. Poking holes as the candle is cooling help brings relief to an even wax disturibution. Meanwhile, you want to keep in mind, during the cooling process.Air bubble may come out of nowhere. It will take into permanent shape once the wax solidifies. If you want to say goodbey to air bubbles, please poke some holes for sure. 

9.Use A Chopstick To Hold You Wick In Place

when you are pouring your beloved wax with your shaky hand, please remember to to a set of choptick or popsicle stick to extend and hold your wick in place.If you skip this detail, you may receive a candle that burns unevenly. 

10.Give Some Time For Your Candle To Cure

When you finish making the candle. T the wax isn't quite hard enough, and it can bleed or drip when you light it. That's why it's important to let the candle cure for at least 24~48 hours before using is a good idea. Curing time usually refers to the time it takes for wax and fragrance oil to fully combine and mix together. You will have a wonderful product in the end. 

Crafting Your Candle With Ohcans Candle Making Kits

You may wonder what is the secret to making candles. The success lies in finding the perfect blance of each ingredients such as wax, fragrance, temperature, and wick itself. It is a combination of art and science. In case if you are shoping for candle making kit, please check out our store on Amazon. 




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