5 guidelines to use candles in the office

by ohcans official

Did you know that smell and scent actually impact our productivity tremendeously? It is a long time at work and meanwhile, the smell of takeout food still lingers in the air. Now, how do we resolve this? we can use scent to our advantage

Research has repeatedly shown that lighting a candle has a positive effect on the brain in many different situations. Aromas released air compounds that are inhaled by the body. These compounds travel to the brain through the bloodstream and interact with neurotransmitters depending on the type of smell.
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Our brains associate smells with memories, emotions, and survival instincts. Every time we breathe in a new perfume, the olfactory bulb recognizes where it came from and what it means. The hill tells us how to react.For this reason, researchers suggest incorporating scents that enhances concentration level such as rosemary or peppermint scented candles, into the workplace. These aromas activate neurotransmitters that increase productivity and help us survive the mental depression. 

There are some general guidelines to use candle in a office setting.

1.Respect allergies and sensitivities:
Consider any odor allergies your colleagues may have. Just as you don't want to be exposed to an odor that could trigger an allergic reaction, be careful when dealing with your co-workers and avoid using odors that   could cause them discomfort or health problems.

2.confirm individual preferences:
Sometimes just like we are gifting a personalized gift, we have to ensure that the scent is widely accepted.Even if you like some flavors, not all taste the same. Just as you don't want to be surrounded by an odor that makes you  feel guilty, you also want to avoid exposing your coworkers to odors they don't like.candles in office

3.Practice safe use:
Observe safety rules when using candles or wax melters. Before leaving the office at the end of the day remember to blow out the candle flame and turn off the wax melter.  You should always keep in mind to stay away from open flames and potential safety hazard. 

4. Create an environment of respect:
To create a respectful work environment, coworkers' comforts and preferences must be considered. Small changes, like using pleasant scents, can help create a warmer atmosphere.However, it is extremely important to be aware of the concerns of an employer or colleague. Therefore, it is advised to ask for input and suggestions beforehand.  

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5.Avoid direct sunlight expore

Aromatheraphy candles may be sentive to sunlight exposure. Therefore, it is important to store them in a cool and dry place. In addition, to keep them way from direct sunlight. Therefore, it is advised to store them in a cupboard if you are in office. Doing so will prevent them from discoloration. 


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