Candles 101: All About Floating Candles

by ohcans official

What is Floating Candles?

You may put random decorative items into water for best effect. As the name would suggust, the candle itself is specially crafted with a wide base and a flat top. This special design allow the candle to floating in water. The candle would set still in water without tipping over or sinking. 

You may wonder why? Floating Candles are usually made of paraffin or soy wax. Both wax type are less dense than water. Therefore, as a result, candles would float in water. Floating candles are tipically used in wedding reception tables to further enhance the romantic mood

Floating Candle are often seen in yoga clubs, spas and other relaxation spaces. Inside a transparent bowl, vase, we can decorate the container with glass beads or small snail shells, and sea shells. 

floating candles

How Long Do Floating Candles Last?

This depend on the size of the candle. 2 inch candle 4-5 hours and 3 inch candle 7-8 Hours

How To Use Floating Candles?

When selecting the proper container to hold your floating candles, you want to use a non-flammable bowl, vase, or other vessel designed for holding floating candles. You want to keep an eye to check for heat resistant properties of the container. Use water. Fill your vessel with water, leaving 1-2 inches from the top. This anchors the candles while disperse heat released from the candle. What is another added bonus? Floating candles are made from eco-friendly organic , non-toxic soy wax, which means they are very environmental friendly choice. 

Please keep in mind floating candle can go anywere there is water. For example, even in your bath tub if you are trying to create a more relaxing vibe. 

When did Floating Candles Come About?

It was not until around 1980s, floating candles was invented by candle makers who were experimenting with new innovative product ideas. The sole purpose was mainly used for decoration. 

What are some creative ways to docorate or display floating candles?

Because floating candles are a very budget friendly option and esay to make options, there is endless possibilities and designs you can create with floating candles. There are just some decorative ideas you can incorperate with your plain flating candles. 

The Classic Design:

The first design ohcans candle would recommend is a traditional one. You can not go wrong with this classic arrangement. First, place transparent or colored gems at the bottom, and then adds in some flower petals from your home garden, small blossom, or even some herbs for added layer of texture and deepth. Surrounding floating candles with flowers and gems stone is always a good choice for beginner. 

The Fruity Punch:

It is summer time, you just happen to have some left over fruit peel from your beverage you just made. What a nice way to turn useless fruit slice and peel into decorative art work. You can choose to fill cylindrical vases or round vases with citrus slices. For example, lemons, limes, and organges can all be used. It adds a very vibrant color scheme to our naked eye. 

The Dramatic:

If you are looking for some extra fun and DIY project with your kids, you can choose this option instead. It is rather simple and quick to make. You can add a few drop of food coloring into the water. It can always complement well with the glow of the candle. 

The Wedding Planner:

For added sensory and relaxation purpose, you can alway add a few drop of essential oils to the existing water. It will relase aroma as the candle burns. You can choose to add some earthy and green design to your candle by  intertwining  thin twigs or branches around the candles. Because this is especially designed for bridal shop, we used a brandy sniffer as the base for carrying candles. For a extra pop of color, we even added cranberries. 

Harry Potter Floating Candle DIY Tutorials

Welcome to today's class witches and wizard! Ohcans candle has prepared a special tutorial for harry potter fans. Making these simple candles is a way to incorporate you fan spirit into day to day practical things you can use. It is rather a simple tutorial if you like mixing ingredients, you have to have a bit patience. Everything would turn out well. 

 floating candles

Materials you will need:

  • 500g Soy Wax
  • Wick
  • Perfume
  • Colors /Dye
  • Molds

1.Prepare the molds and wicks. Then, melt your wax.You want to lay all of your tools out. 

floating candles

2.Add any color or scent you like. Then, pour the wax into your mold. You can also use regular, white, unscented soy wax. Consider what are some special occations these floting candles are intended for? For example, a bowl of brightly colored floating candles is fun  when preparing for a  summer picnic table. For today's tutorials , I am using 500g soy wax. 

floating candles


3.Let your candle cool until there is  a vague see through semi solified seal on the top. Then, take a small piece of the wick and gently insert it vertically into the center of the candle. Although, you don't want it to go all the way through the bottom, you must embed the wick in the wax.

floating candles

4.If you inserted all the strands, let the candles cool. When they have cooled down, pop them out of the mold and trim them to about 1/4 inch. Then your candle is done.

floating candles


5.You can throw a floating candle into a glass. You can also use a wine glass, goblet, or margarita glass. Depending on the size of the glass, it may fit several small floating candles. This is a great idea for parties.

floating candle

6.Fill the candles (or small candle holders) with water to make a loud sound from the floating candles. You can put these on your dining room table.

floating candles

7.Of course, at its simplest, you can also fill a large bowl with water and place a few floating candles in it to make a warm and beautiful centerpiece.


8.Lastly, I simply used some of the harry potter temporary tatoos sticker to stamp on candles for added customization. I simply stick on the upper layer of the candle so the candle does not get wet when light with a match. For extra decoratons, you can always add in some personal twist with a fashionable and aromatic herbs and flowers


floating candles

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