Candles 101: All About Wooden Candle Holders

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What Are Some Popular Type of Wood For Candle Holders?

Bamboo Wood Candle Holder:

bamboo is very durable wood to make any craft out of its raw material. It radiate a very natural and minimalist finish to it. Bamboo wood candle holder is a very eco-friendly and environmentally friendly option. The bamboo has a light tan color with noticeable nodes along the surface that exhibit the natural grain pattern. Tipically, only bomboo culms of 4 years old are allowed to make premium wooden craft, this is because, boomboo clums of 1 years old can be full of moistures. This makes them not ideal for carving. Wooden Candle holders is more than its functinal items. Wooden candle holder enhance the overall aesthetic and atomsphere of your space. 

Oak Wood Candle Holder:

These candle holders are made from oak trees. They are made from tree branches while features a natural tree bark pattern. The rich brown and tan hue exhibits the distinctive grain patterns of oak wood,creating an organic, earthy look.This partular type of wood has the most longivity. Because oak wood has a smooth and even texture, it is a popular choice for making funiture. 

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Pine Wood Candle Holder:

Pine wood is a softer wood compare to any other wood. The nature of wood making it a versatile piece for easy cutting, shaping and sanding.  It is a more cost effective choice when choosing to make a candle holder out of pine wood. As you may be aware, pine trees grow every quickly.  The holder has the signature honey-brown color and golden knots inherent to pine.

Mahogany Wood Candle Holder 

There is something very special about mahogany wood. The nature of mahogany wood makes it naturally resistant to insect attacks and decay.To be more specific, it is the cinnamic acid within the wood itself give it added durable nature to resist decay. The natural color of mahogany gives it a rich red shine to the wood. This high-quality wood candle holder makes a treasured gift, heirloom, or everyday decorative accent.

Teak Wood Candle Holder

These unique candle holder features an unique wood grain.  You can expect a piece of teak wood craft to last 50~70 year. It is very durable for sure. Because it  is high in protective oils, which make it very water resistant. The smooth teak holder brings eye-catching yet subtle texture to shelves, mantels, windowsills, dining tables, or bedroom nightstands. It also makes a unique sustainable housewarming or holiday gift.

What Factors Should I Consider When Selecting A Wooden Candle Holder?

Durable and Stable Quality

When you are selecting a wooden candle holder for the fist time, you want to ensure that the base is wide enough that the holder won't easily tip over if knocked. 

The Hight of Your Candle Holder

The height should place the candle flame at a visible but safe distance from the upper surfaces. Keep away from curtains, doors and pet and kids. 


When you fist purchase your wooden candle holder , you want to make sure that the size of your candle holder matches with size of your candle. In other words, the size of candle holder is compatible with the candle you intend to use. Another easy tip to follow, is to shop for specific candle types. For example, votive candles and taper candles.they are used to hold short candles. Since votive candle holders, are small, they make great decorative items for shelves and tables.  Hurricane candle holders are one of the most beautiful home decor items. They can also be used outdoors.

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You may want to visualize where and how you want to place your candle holder. You want to consider the size and shape of candle holders in mind. Are you familiar with the fact that wood candle holders can by painted and dyed with a layer of stain. They can be painted and customized as needed. Wooden candle holders can eaily coodinate with the decoration of the room. 


You want to place your wooden candle holder and candles on a stable, level, heat-resistant surface. You do not want to be playing with fire for sure. In addition, in term of the placement of your wooden candle holder,  you want to place your candle holder away from  curtains or paper. They can catch fire very eaily. Before lighting your candle, you want to ensure that the wooden candle holder is free from cracks or splinters.  It can risk potential fire hazard. The entire woode piece had better to be a good condition before burning. 

How to Maintain Your Wooden Candle Holders

Cleaning Your Wooden Candle Holders

You want to give your wooden candle holders a regular wipe every 2 week before it is sitting in the corner attracting dust. Personally, I just wipe it with wet cloth. During this process, you want to clean up any left over wax residue.Under the condition if we let wax continue to build up, it can cause pernanent stains that is hard to remove. 

Care and Conditioning

It is recommended for every few months that you rub a layer of miniral oil, beeswax, and other wood conditioner. Doing so would help and lock in the natural moisture and shine of the wood. 

Store Away From Water

You want to avoid leaving  your wooden candle holders soaking liquid spills for long periods of time. This can cause permanant damage to the wood texture and shape. Because any type of wood is a porous material, meaning long time exposure will cause to rotten and even fall apart. 

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The Use of Candle Holders In History

Did you know that in ancient times, Candle holders in Chinese culture is a symbol of status and prosperity.  Because candle holders are made of ceramic back in the day. It is not very eaily accesible material by the lower class in ancient time. Generally, only special occations such as rituals, weddings, banquets, Candle holders are allowed to be used by commoners. 

As for candle holders, in some cultures, Candle holder represent hope, warmth and love.People often utilize candle holders celebrating a holiday or commemorating a special day.

What is the best way to get wax drippings out of a candle holder?

1.Freeze the candle holder

You can try putting the candle holder into the freezer for 1 hour. The candle wax will automatically contract when exposed to low temperature. This makes scrapping off wax buildup much easier.

2.Blow With a Hair Dryer 

Warm the bottom of the candle holder carefully with a hairdryer set on low. Then turn the holder upside down and let the melted wax drip out onto paper towels. Repeat heating and dripping until most of the wax is gone.

3.Try a wax remover solution.

Purchase a commercial wax remover or make one by mixing warm water with vinegar and washing soda. Dip cloth into the solution and scrub the holder. The wax will transfer to the cloth. I simply use this solution as a natural and orangic cleaner replacement. It is free from chemical for sure. 

4.Double Boiler Method.

Set up a double boiler with a pan inside another pan with water in it. Bring to a low boil and put your jar in it. Remeber to not walke away. Watch until the wax melts and dump it into where you want it. Wear oven mitts for the whole procedure! You do not want to left everything unattended. 

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