Candles 101: How To Wrap A Candle?

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How To Wrap A Candle in Different Ways? 5Ways

  • A Simple Gift Box Or Gift Bag

If you are trying to wrap your candles for a last minute gift, we highly recommend this simple resort. You can simply put your candle in a reuasable bag and pack it on the go. If you happen to have a left over gift box package from your last shopping trip, you can simply improvise with what you already have. 

Another good tip to keep in mind, it would be better to put air bubble wraps or fillers into the gift bag. You may want to stuff the bag full with wrapping papper so your candle container remains to be stable during transportation. 

candle with a gift bag

  • Putting the Candle Straight Into the Cupboard Box

For oddly shaped candles that do not fit typical holders, you can simply set them directly inside a paper cupboard box.  This allows irregular shaped  candles or those without a base to stand up by letting the paper wrap around and conform to the candle's form.The box  can securly keep the candle in an upright postion during transportation . 

cupboard box

  • Wrap and Gather Vertically

If you happen to be a craft lover, you can test out this method. In this particular method, you simply lay your candles one on top of the other in a vertical direction.You can use wrapping paper, colored craft paper, or even cotton drawstring bag. 

Bring together the four sides of the paper gift wrap so they converge slightly above where the candle sits. This forms a package out of the paper with the candle nestled securely within. You can choose to either decorate with ribbon or cotton draw string. The package should be in an cylindrical shape and appels to the eye. 

vertical wrapping

  • The Classic Candy Wrapper 

To determine the size of wrapping paper needed, first measure around the widest part of the candle to get its circumference. Ideally, you want to leave approximately an extra 1/2 to 1 inch excess on the top so you an enclose it later. First place it horizontally in the middle of the wrapping paper you cut to size.Later, simply twist both  end of the candle wrapping paper. You want to apply an even force toward center, so basically twist and pinch. 

candy gift wrapper

  • Fan Fold Method

This method is for more advanced craft enthusiasts, cut your paper at least 2 times wider than your candle and leave your paper 2 inches more on the top and bottom. Lift the edge closest to you and fold it up and over the candle in a single fan-shaped fold, keeping the edges as evenly aligned as possible. Smooth down. You want to repeat the process until you have closed all edges. You can choose to tie colorful ribbons on top for decorations. 

fan fold gift wraping


  • Newspaper wrapping method:

Pour the melted wax into a prepared container and wrap it in newspaper. Cover the outside with plastic wrap or waxed paper to further improve the seal.   To be more exact,  The paper helps regulate the temperature of the candle wax as it cures. Newspaper is something you have laying around your house. You can easily upcycle your newapaer into wrapping paper for candles. The newspaper provides a tight wrap that gives the candle an exterior. 

newspaper wrapping


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