Christmas Bell: Traditons and Uses.

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Meaning and Tradition Of Christmas Bell

Did you know large bells were originally used to alert and warn the local population of special events, and celebrations? The sound of a ringing bell were often believed to drive away evil spirt and negative engery. People often associate the presense of Chrtistmas bell with luck and posperity. During the hunting season, bells and drums are used in the Chinese military to boost morale in soldiers. There are several popular beliefs and traditions associated with the bell. 

Passing Of Time

The ringing of a bell are used in celebration to mark the start of journey, such as weddings, and birth. Throughout many popular culturals in the world, bells have been hold as a symbolism of begining and ending. When each semester begins, we ring the classroom bell to signify the start of year. While when semester ends, we take out the bell to remark and acknowlege the passing of time. When we graduate from postgraduate studies, a medical student may ring the bell to mark the end of her formal study. With pride and confidence, the ring of the bell also represent the start of journey as a professional interning doctor. 

Symbolism Of Love and Luck

Siminlarly, in ancient Chinses tradtion, the bell often symbolizes tranquility and peace. Often times, in ancient traditonal society, man and woman often exchange bells before they begin courtship. You may wonder why? This is because of the emotional attachment we Chinese people associate with the Bell. Wearing bells on the hand signifies longing, because the bells have the meaning of "I love you", wear on the body to listen to the lover's heartbeat, with the heart has always been because of you and the significance of the spirit, suitable for use as a token of love between lovers. As the wind blew when the bell will think up, this is to lovers or friends of your thoughts, the sound is to pass the feelings to one another. 

Christmas bell

Religious Significance With Christmas Bell

Christmas bell and church bell have benn used for centuries in religious ceremonies and ritualls. They are often used to signal importortant moment. Christmas symbolizes peace and tranquility, and Santa Claus carries bells from village to village in order to bring peace to people. Santa's elk are used to the sound of bells, so hanging a bell at home makes it easier to extradite Santa Claus to collect giftsLarge church bells located in towers and steeples have traditionally been rung to signify that religious services are about to begin. Additionally, there is a longstanding custom of ringing these bells at midnight on Christmas Eve to symbolize and commemorate the night of Jesus Christ's birth.

Bells Uses In Chinses Temples

Bell are belived to have the ability to make people feel calm and peaceful, so they are often used in temples or religious places to remind people to practice or to pray for divine blessings. Also, in various traditional cultures, bells are often seen as a symbol of personal good fortune and good relationships.
Finally, bells also symbolize alarm and vigilance. In ancient times, bells were not only used as musical instruments, but also as a tool for the military to transmit instructions and warnings. Therefore, the bell symbolizes vigilance, and the ringing of danger signals can awaken people's vigilance to prevent danger from occurring. In the modern world, the symbolism of bells has also been expanded to keep people alert at all times, reminding them to value what it matters in life. 

Chrtistmas bell

10 Uses of Christmas Bell

There are 10 creative ways to put Chritmas Bell to good use:

  1. Bell Chandelier: Create a stunning bell chandelier by hanging an assortment of Christmas bells at varying lengths from a circular frame or a festive holiday hoop. Hang it in a central location to catch the light and spread holiday cheer.

  2. Bell Bouquet Centerpiece: Arrange a bouquet of Christmas bells in a vase as a unique and festive centerpiece. Combine different sizes and colors for an eye-catching display on your dining or coffee table.

  3. Bell Garland Curtain: String Christmas bells together to form a sparkling garland curtain. Hang it in doorways, windows, or along the edges of tables to create a whimsical and musical effect.

  4. Bell Place Card Holders: Use small Christmas bells as place card holders for your holiday table settings. Attach name cards to the bells with festive ribbons for a personalized touch.

  5. Jingle Bell Wreath: Craft a wreath entirely from jingle bells for a merry and musical decoration. Hang it on your front door or use it as wall decor to welcome guests with joyful jingling.

  6. Bell Napkin Rings: Enhance your holiday table settings by using Christmas bells as napkin rings. Thread ribbon through the bells and tie them around rolled napkins for a charming and festive touch.

  7. Bell-Adorned Gift Wrapping: Attach Christmas bells to your gift wrapping for a delightful and audible surprise. The bells can be tied directly to the ribbon or string, adding an extra layer of festivity to your presents.

  8. Bell Wreath Wall Art: Create a wall art installation using various-sized Christmas bells arranged in a wreath shape. Hang it as a focal point in your living room or dining area to add a touch of holiday spirit.

  9. Bell Door Hanger: Craft a decorative door hanger by attaching a cluster of Christmas bells to a ribbon or festive garland. Hang it on your front door to welcome guests with joyful jingling as they enter.

  10. Bell-Embellished Stockings: Adorn your Christmas stockings with small bells for an extra festive touch. Sew or attach them to the cuff of the stockings for a charming and audible addition to your holiday decor.

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