Cute Candles DIY For Beginner

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If you’re ready to start your own candle making business, this complete guide breaks candlemaking down into simple and easy to follow steps. Follow our cute, custom candle tutorials for designing completely original candles like an expert. We’ll walk through beginner candle recipes all the way up to giftable works of art guaranteed to impress. So grab your candle jar, turn up your creativity, and let's make some interesting candles. 

If you happen to like scented candles, you can choose to light a few while having a glass of wine. The process of creating this cute candle can be very healing. It offers great feeling of accomplishment. 

Key Ingredients You Will Need:

Essential oils: 5-10 drops Different flavors
Soy wax or coconut wax buy 500 grams to make three cups of wax, depending on your needs.
Wick:Please note that the height of the bottle should be higher than the bottle when purchasing for easy fixing.
Stirring stick.

 DIY Aromatheraphy Cute Candles

1.Prepare all the ingredients: essential oils, soy wax materials, containers, wax wicks of corresponding lengths.We will be making 3 seperate candle in different sizes. 

candle making supplies


2. We will prepare a small round bottle with 7 cm wax core,  with net weight 47 g. This container can hold approximately 30 grams of wax. 

7m candle container


3.Medium bottle with 12 cm wax core. With the net weight approx. 220g, holds approx. 220g of wax. We are making 2 candles for today tutorial. 

large candle container

4.Use the classic double boilder method, as this method is best for heating and melting wax. You can alway repurpose your old pot to make a double boilder, as long as it is large enought to fit your pour pot. In French, it is also known as "bain marie", or heat bath. Essentially, what you will need is one small pot and one large pot , with the smaller one being heated with surrounding water. As shown in the picture. This method is choosen because it provide even heat across all surface area. 


5.Ideally, when you are melting your wax, you would want to use a food grade thermometer to moniter the temperature. Essentially, you want to keep it under 85 degrees Celsius before pouring your melted wax. 

double boiler

6.Today to tell you about the way to make  wax melting as smooth as possible.  It is with a clamp to take your container out to cool to about 50 degrees, that is, touch it is still very hot but not hot hands is still liquid.


7.Small candles as an example to prepare with the scent; similar to the perfume flavor, you can try to do the base note, before the middle note, and then vanilla or lavender essential oils 2-3 drops of links to blend the scent, I do a test trial before making them. If you are  not sure of the effect of the first to try a candle themselves. What I mean is to only add the base note first to test out  the potency of the smell. It the scent throw is stong enough. First put a few base notes and then put the middle and top notes of the fragrance, and finally put vanilla or lavender 2 drops of essential oil fusion scent. 

For the small candle, we used Sandalwood, Neroli, Lavender for the small candle. As for the large candle, we used Vanilla, Cinnamon, Gardenia. 

melted wax hardening

8.In the wax that is 35 degrees , you can measure the temerperature first. Then, place your wick inside and in the case if you want to decorate the flowers. Remeber to pace flowers try to put on the side, to avoid affecting the burning wax burning

placement of the wick

9.Wait overnight for candles to cure. Trim your wick to desired length. 

cute candles

Fragrance Oil Selection For Candle Making

To create a ideal fragrance oil combination, you will need to have a basic idea of base note, middle note, and top note. Think of top notes as the first impression of your candle's scent—the initial burst of aroma that captivates your senses. Another tips before making your candle would be group your oils by note to help construct multi-layered blends. Group top, middle, and base notes separately when first getting started. This makes blending more intuitive. For base note, we would want to select woody scent, such as sandalwood. It adds more lingering texture to a candle. Middle note, as the name suggest, is the main scent that is very obvious to the nose when making candles. Tipically, we would select floral scent as the middle note. Common top note essential oils include citrus and fruity scents. They are suble and light in nature. 

fragrance oil

fragrance oil selection

For Today's Candle Making Recipe

The recipe is base notes of sandalwood; middle notes of gardenia and orchid, top notes of neroli, 10 drops of each added to almost 300g or so of wax. Finally, 2 drops of lavender essential oil are used to blend the scent.




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