DIY Rose Petels Candle

by ohcans official

I simply love the smell of rose petels. What would be a better idea than to make some candles out of rose petels? Ohcans candle has prepared this tutorial for you.

Rose petal candles are a unique type of candle made from actual rose petals. The petals are dried and processed into a wax that is then used to create candles. These aromatic candles emit a light floral fragrance as they burn, filling the surrounding air with the gentle scent of roses.

DIY Rose Petels Candle

Materials Needed:

A left over soy wax candle stick. Unscented.

A red colored crayon

cotton wick

Empty Tealight Candle Tin :You can repurpose your old left over tealight candle tin. 

Wooden Chopstick For Stirring Candle Wax

A Sauce Pan: You can use a old pot if needed. 

Step 1: 

Chop your soy wax candle stick and colored crayon into smaller pieces like the picture shown below.

rose petals

Step 2:

Heat the pot in boiling water, about 100F, and the candles should melt.

rose petels

Step 3:

Put the melted wax on the table with a spoon and make thin slices. Imagine the shape of a rose petal.You can try to follow the pattern like the picture below. 

rose petels

Step 4:

Wrap the solidified petals, layer by layer, around the wick. taking care to keep the original shape of a rose. 

rose petals

rose petals

rose petals

You can see the step by step procedure as shown above. When you are wrap these rose petals, keep the smaller piece within and bigger piece outside. 

Step 5:

Trim your left over cotton wick

Steo 6:

In your small candle tin, pour in the wax solution. You can wait for it to solidify. You have finished this simply and easy handmade rose petal candle project. 

rose petal candle

The End Result!

rose petals

The basic idea of making this candle is to melt the candles, which are usually pillar candle made from soybeans, into a flat shape, and then into the shape of a flower petal with a wick in the center.

What Makes Rose Petals Special and Romantic?

Because rose petals contain rose oils which gives gives them their distinct, pleasant floral scent. This scent to completely natural and organic to breath in. This is why we would enjoy buying bouquet of flower after work. The scent of roses is often considered soothing and relaxing. In ancient Greece myth, Rose are often associated with the God Aphrodite, representing love and beauty. Nowaday, rose petals become a nice gesture to say I love you. Roses become a symbol of romance and love



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