How scented candle can help you sleep better?

by ohcans official

Have you ever be tempted to scroll down instragram or social media pages every night, you cannot fall asleep very eaily because of the rediation generated from your phone. Did you know that blue light from your phone can disrupt your original innnate sleep cycle. Did you ever notice , the scents from candle can help you feel more relaxed and tranquill. 

When you carefully observe how the flame move up and down, thoughts in your brain will dissipate, and worries will dissappear. Your wondering mind will finally be equilibrated. When you perform the riturals of lighting the candle, please find a quite and confortable place. Idealily, this can be your own home. It is never too late to light a lavender candle an hour before bed. When incorporate this ritual into your bedtime rountine, you can also write down your daily reflection for the day. 

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Candle can help aid in clearing your mind. Meditation around candles not only relaxes the mind but also opens channels of perception that have been blocked by the crazy pace of life. If you feel like you can't handle all the problems, stop for a moment. Sit between two lit candles and listen to yourself.  Reflect on your true desires, list the pros and cons, or recite a mantra that has a special meaning to you. You will definitely find a way to solve your problems and find peace of mind. You can also use aromatheraphy infused candle during this ritual. 

You may also wonder, what is the science behind this. Why does scented candle work wonder each and every time? The relaxing effects of some scents can be attributed to the organs involved in our olfactory system, the system responsible for smell.
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people have sensory neurons in the back of the nasal cavity called olfactory receptor (OR) cells. Each neuron has tiny hair-like structures called cilia that use receptor proteins to bind to specific taste buds.

In the binding process, the chemical stimulus delivers information from the neuron to the olfactory bulb of the brain.Impressively ,the olfactory bulb is part of the limbic system, which performs many functions including emotions, behavior, and longterm memory.So if a perfume evokes nostalgia or significantly soothing, itis probably because the limbic system is involved. In other word, part of your long term memory is being recalled. 

What is more? Burning wax candles ionize the air and remove toxins. Negative ions bind to pollutants and can thus be removed from the air, creating a healthier atmosphere for you and your family.

Personally, if you are shopping for candles for a best night sleep guarantee, try to look for  either lavendor and sandalwood in a candles scent profile. The earthy tone of scandlewood will help us to stay in slow wave sleep longer. What does it mean? The quality of sleep is much better during this particular period.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. until next time, please remember to blow out your candle before you sleep. 

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