How To Be Calm Under Stressful Situations? 6 effective ways

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Finding Calmness In Chaos 

You are trying to jungle among all aspect in life. You need to multi-task among different cornerstones in life , such as a good promising career, a wonderful nourishing relationship, and as well as a healthy and upbeat lifestyle. In a nutshell, how to you find balance and equanimity among chaos? Keep a sense of ease and inner peace when facing stressful and challenging situation is just crucial. 

To know the weight of being always in control of one's feelings is a skill in nowadays where the pace is very fast. The influence of stress on our lives is huge, since it impacts our mental and physical well-being. Yet, I've realized just how powerful being calm was when I deliberately tried to become more relaxed.The benefit is just countless, from improved mental clarity to better mental fortitude and emotional resilliance. 

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What Does Stress Do To Our Body?

How do we turn challenging situations into a positive motivator. Essentially, there are 2 type of stress taking a toll on your mind and body. Namely, chronic stress and acute stress. Tipically, under the influence of stress, Adrenaline help to combot tough situation with a boost of energy. It pumps your heat rate while keeping your brain more alert. Meanwhile, cortisol suppress your immune system by reduciing the amount of white blood cells. By powering down non-essential operations such as slowing down your digestion rate.  The side effect of long term stress cannot be overlooked, long term exposure can result in impaired immunue response when facing infections. 

In contrast, Eustress, a positive stressor, occurs when moving towards something unachieved, such as applying for a new job, buying a house, or going on a first date.Therefore, how we respond and react to stressful situations is critical. 

What Are Some Effective Techniques To Be Calm?

Be Mindful Of Each Moment

"Being mindful" means being fully aware and present in the current moment without judgment. It involves tuning into your senses, such as sight, sound, smell, and touch, to fully experience your surroundings. For example, you can observe the sights and sounds in your room, notice any scents or sensations, and become aware of your breath. Practicing mindfulness can help reduce stress and increase self-awareness.

Ultimately, you want to be present in the current moment with openess and curiosity to explore. This state is when eustress comes in, because you are in a good emotional state. Self care rountine such as lighting Ohcans Lavender Gardenia candle is just a wonderful option. You can take a sip of your freshly brewed coffee and look in the mirror appreciate your body for all the works to keep you alive, safe and sound. 


Deep Breath Is A Wonderful Technique To Try Out 

Deep breathing involves inhaling slowly through the nose, allowing your diaphragm to expand, and exhaling gently through the mouth. To practice, find a quiet space, close eyes, place one hand on your chest and abdomen, and take a count of four inhalations, then six exhalations, repeating the process several times. You will feel more grounded and relaxed after this intentional practice. This excercies will help you connect to your inner peace and emotions better. 

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How Meditation Can Keep You Calm and Healthy

Meditation serves as a powerful tool in effectively managing stress, providing a myriad of benefits. Engaging in a daily practice of focused meditation for just a brief period can yield tangible results by notably decreasing cortisol levels in the bloodstream, fostering a sense of tranquility and calm within your being.

Consequently, it is strongly recommended to allocate a few minutes each day to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, turning towards meditation as a reliable source of respite, especially during moments of heightened stress or tension

 Taking Regular Exercise To Alleviate Stress

Regular consistant exercise can make yourself more in tune with your body. There are many benefit of moving your body with moving your body. Some expert suggust that consistant regular exercise can improve mood while help you clear your mind. Another obvious benefit would be arobic exercise can increase your muscle size, and trim your waistline. Those who incorporate regular physical activity into their lives often report feeling more energized throughout the day, enjoying better sleep at night, experiencing sharper memories, and feeling more positive and relaxed about themselves and their circumstances. What is more exciting? 

Regular exercise rountine has even proven to reduce mild symptoms of depression even. It relieves tension and stress naturally, In turn, exercise will restore your mind in a more peaceful and calm state without too much effort. 

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Keeping A Grace Journal Is The Way to Go

Despite the fact there would be so many nagative incidents tha happen to us on a day to day basis, it is important for us to keep a grace journal. To be honest, we are often oblivious to the good things that happen to us ever so often. A nice way to combat this is to keep a grace journal. 

According to the exerpt from the bible:"“God saved you by his grace when you believed. And you can’t take credit for this; it is a gift from God.” (Ephesians 2:8)"

Yes, indeed. Keep a record of graceful things can help you be more thankful and appreciative toward life. You will harvest a more positive outlook toward life. In terms of the format, your grace journal can be whatever you want it to be.  May god's holy spirit to be guiding through twist and turns of life as always. 


Mind Over Matter: Mental Strategies For Calmness

Personlly, I find listening to calming songs and muscis an effective way to unwind. If you find youself having a difficult time to find peace and calmness, it is always a good idea to find activity that require focus and a  ingenious hand. For example, craft projects such as knitting, painting , making candles, or even gardening. It is important to keep your mind busy. This way, there would not be any room for your mind to be woudering around.  

In the pursuit of calmness, embracing positive thinking has been key. Shifting focus from worry to optimism has helped cultivate inner peace. Seeing challenges as opportunities for growth has made facing stress easier, fostering resilience. Personal experiences highlight the power of positive thinking in creating a peaceful mind.
Additionally, letting go of what can't be controlled has been crucial. Identifying controllable factors allows for focusing energy on actionable steps, reducing stress. This understanding has led to releasing control over uncontrollable situations, enabling focus on areas where impact can be made.


Introducing Ohcans Lavender and Gardenia Candle

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The Journey To Be Calm is An Ongoing Jouney

In conclusion, the pursuit of calmness is a perpetual journey. It is not a fixed destination but an ongoing process of self-exploration and development. The pursuit of calmness requires a dedication to fostering inner peace amidst life's trials. Each day offers a chance to nurture serenity and strengthen one's ability to remain composed. It's important to remember that achieving calmness does not mean eliminating stress completely, but rather, it involves developing the resilience to manage it gracefully.

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