How to Use Handmade Yankee Candle Wax Melts?

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How To Make Wax Melt From Used Yankee Candle?

There are many similar products names which are insipred from handmade wax melts. There are the traditional pine shaped, clamshell shaped, and classic was snap bars. So you’ve finally finished your giant jar of Yankee Candles, but there’s still some wax stuck on the sides or bottom of the glass. Before you throw the empty jar away in the recycle bin, why not turn it into a homemade candle wax melt? It only takes a few minutes to make, and it’s the perfect way to savor every drop without wasting anything. First, remove the wick from your jar and any labels. Then, fill your clean, empty jar about half full with water and pop it in the microwave on high for 2 to 3 minutes, until the wax is completely melted. Pour the hot water back into the microwave, and then re-melter the wax into a heatproof container. Be careful not to overheat the melted wax , as it’s going to be extremely hot! Once the wax is fully melted, you’ll want to personalize it with some essential oils. Lavender, Citrus, Vanilla, Peppermint or Lemongrass oils are all great options for wax melts.It is completely optional if you do not have essential oils around.  I simply use silicone cupacade mold as molds for mine wax melts. 

Since often time than not, yankee candles already have a scent attached to the candle. Next, prepare your candle wax melt mold. Silicone mold works great, but you can also use a small paper cup or candy mold if needed. Pour your melted Yankee candle wax into the cavities of the mold, leaving a bit of room at the top so the melts can expand a bit as they cool down and harden. Pop the filled molds in the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Once hardened, carefully remove your freshly made candle melts. Place them in a glass glass jar, or candle warmer, and enjoy! You will be surprised at how easy it is to reuse leftover wax instead of throwing it away.  Don’t waste that last piece of candle wax, reuse it in your next project! What is more, wax melts are a more economical option campared to candles. It is rather a simply DIY to get into candle making as a hobby. 

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How To Use Handmade Yankee Candle Wax Melts?

Wax melts are quite versatile in their use to bring some fragranced aroma to your house. Wax melts are adorned for their well know convenience, compact design, easy to use feature and various scent to choose from. Tipically, in order for a yankee candle wax melt to perform well to its full compacity, you will need a complementary candle warmer. Wax melts are just a smaller form of candles without a flammalbe wck. You can unleach your creative mind to incorparate different decorations such as mica power and dried rosemary herbs.

There is a wide range of designs for wax warmers, such as electric, plug-in, and tea light styles. Select the one that best matches your personal preference and make sure it is suitable for use with wax melts. When making your selection, you want to consider your scent preference, the type of wax being used in the wax melt. Bees wax is absolutely clean burning and soy wax is a more organic and budget friendly opton in many cases. 

Yankee Candle presents an extensive selection of wax melt fragrances, you can definately find one that appeals to your nose for sure. Once the wax melt scent has become saturated and hard to notice, it is time to replace your stock. If you are looking to elevate your wax melts burning experience, you want to break down your pack of wax melts into smaller pieces. Next, simply insert and place your wax melt into candle warmer. The gentle heat from the candle warmer should gradually melt your cubed or circular wax melt.  As the wax begin to melt away, it wil fill your home with delightful fragrance. 

How Long Do Wax Melt Tipically Last?

As the scent begin to evaporate more,add another melt, usually last approximately 4-7 hours after melting. Do not leave the warmer completely empty before adding another wax. The exciting new is that most wax melt generally have an expiration of over 1 year. Ideally, you would want to store your wax melt in a cool and dark place. You want to avoid direct sunlight exposure to the wax. If your wax melts gets too warm , the fragrance component will get realased from within. The wax melt 's overall form will be distorted from heat. Thus, it lose it attractive scent and form. The longivity of your particular wax melt is determined by the concentration of fragrance added at the begining and as well as the fragrance to wax ratio is it proportioned to be. The answer is situational given that different brands may have different fragrance blend, ratio, and concentration. 

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Are Wax Melts Toxic?

Wax melts are not harmful at all if they are without any additives. Tipically, because wax melts are designed without a wick. It makes them a much safer budget friendly and environmentally friendly choice compared to candles. Wax melts are consisted of hardrocarbon molecures. Soot will occur when there is incomplete combustion. Namely, excess wax is accumulated when flame melting the wax is faster than the wax fueling the flame. Inhaling soot can be dangerous and cause potential breathing issues such as asthma and even lung cancers. If you are looking for non toxic wax options, Ohcans candle have organic soy wax for candle makers. 

How To Decorate Your Wax Melts?

Color Dyed Wax Melts

Without a doubt, the combination of color often plays a vital role in the apperance of your wax melts. You can use your free will imagaination to create vibrant colorful combinations of wax melts. Picture yourself painting a portrait of colors, instead of simple and plain black and white color combination, try envision peaceful and lush forest, tranquil ocean. The possibility is just endless. 

Dried Flower Wax Melts

If you are currently suffering from any form of allergy symptoms, you should definatley give dried herbs and flowers a chance. With the scenario of a home garden,you can improvise the supplies by plucking a few fresh flowers from your home garden.  Flowers and herbs have a natural accent attached to it,when being embedded on wax melt, it will act as a simple scent delivery tool. Your wax melt will smell amazing without any chemical additives presnet. The scent itself is harvested from mother nature. 

Seasonal Wax Melts

When desgining your wax melts, you can incorporate and record the passing of time with wax melts. Bring the scent of the season into your home with seasonal wax melts.As a business owner, you can source your supplies locally which in turns lowers the overall cost of production. For instance, in the spring time, you can utilize scents that are more uplifting for your spirit. Fresh floweral scent like water lily will remind you of rebirth and growth. While in the summer, The scents tend to be tropical which are sweet yet subtle, reminding you of sunny beaches and refreshing summer drinks. As the fall month approaching, you can design your wax melts around scents that are rich and creamy with a hint of warth and nostalgia.


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