How To Melt Candle Wax? A Candle Maker Guide

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How To Melt And Reuse Your Candle Wax?

As an ameteur candle maker, have you run into such instance when you are at the end of your favourite jar candle, the candle cannot be relit again no matter what tools you tried. A lighter or a match are not going to solve the problem. If you are ready for some DIY project, these colorful wax can be saved from simply tossing into a trash can. There are so many craft project you can either use the empty candle jars for storage or make brand new candles from used wax. It is completely up to you to decide. 

Before we can make useful and fun project with the leftover wax, we have to get wax out of a candle jar first without a doubt. 

How To Safely Melt Candle Wax?

Little tips for candle lovers, you should not burn candle past its threshold can cause potential damage to the candle container. The worst case scenario I have personally experienced would be a damaged 3 wick candle jar with an obvious crack on the bottom. 

How To Remove Candle Wax From Candle Jar With Hot Water?

This is the most classic and traditional way for removing wax from candle jars with a large diameter. I used this classic method for all my bath and body works candle , as you may expect, the wax will be detached from its container without leaving any residue. 

Step:1 Adding Boiling Water 

The first thing to do is to bring a pot of water to a boiling temperature just like if you are preparing to making a cup of coffee for yourself. Next, simply fill your candle container with boiled water. Ideally, you do not want to leave an inch of space from the top. 

Step 2: Let Your Wax Soak In

You can simple wait for 5 minutes, and during this time, the heat from the water molecules would melt way wax when it fist come into contact with hot water. The entire wax block should float to the surface of the container. 

Step 3:Romove The Wax 

After 10~20 minutes, you want to wait for the hot water to cool down completely before poking your fingers into the hot water bath. You can save up the wax for future project. Take out the solide wax. 

Step 4:Let the Water Soak In 

If you are looking for completely cleaned and renewed glass candle containers, you just simply have to be a bit more patient and enjoy the waiting game.  Any remaining wax residue loosely clinging inside the jar can be gently removed after approximately 25 minutes of hot water bath. The candle jar will be brand new and ready to be used alternatively. 

How To Melt Candle Wax With A Refrigerator?

This is a lazy-person's last minute resort for removing candle wax. I suppose that everyone nowadays's all have refrigirators at home. If you want to use your electric appliance to its full potential, simply put in your burned down candle jar in the freezer overnight. This would work wonders for your wax. The next morning when you wake up from your late night sleep, just take out the candle jar and flip the jar upside down on your kitchen counter. This step should be rather fast than you imagine. The lump of wax should drop out of the jar itself without too much external force. 

How To Melt Candle Wax With A Double Boilder Method?

You can use stainless steel pot or any spare sauce pan you have laying around in your houseA double boiler allows for indirect, gentle and even heat dispertion when you're whisking up temperamental sauces like wax. In terms of the placement of things,  you are placing one pot on top of the other  to heat up your ingredients. Double boiler in Frech is also known as "bain maries", which is refering to a way of cooking with indirect heat from steam. Although the melting point for different wax varies, it is important to moniter the temperature of your melted welt. In short, you are turning your used wax into a liquid form and then wait for it to solidify. You can remove the old wicks and metal tab once your wax become melted. 

What Are Some Ways To Reuse Your Candle Wax?

Make A Votive Candle

  1. Prepare the Wax -  paraffin or a paraffin-soy blend is perfered choice for making votive candles. You want a wax that retain its form and structure, which means not too soft and not to hard. 
  2. Prepare Containers - Small glass votive holders that are heat safe. Make sure they are completely clean and dry. Anchor wick stickers to the bottom of each before pouring.
  3. Add Wicks - Use pre-tabbed votive wicks which self-adhere to the bottom. Centering the wick is crucial for even burning.
  4. Pour Carefully - Bring wax temp down to 135°F. Pour just enough wax in each votive holder to achieve the desired votive height when cool.
how to melt candle wax?

Make A Gel Taper Candle 

You want to make sure that your wax is free of any dirt before pouring. We have a detailed tutorials on making a gel taper candle with used wax.


Make A Tea Cup Candle

After you melted your unused wax, simply wait for the wax to cool down to 135F (57C) before pouring. After you pour it into your teacup, please remeber to center your wick to make sure it is centered. 

tea cup candle

Make Wax Melts

Fragmented wax pieces are being heated in a small wax warmer to be used up. It generally release a delicate and aromatic fragrance. You just have to collect the melted wax and wait for it to solidify. During this process, you can add personal decorations such as pressed and dried herbal flowers.  You can speed up this process by placing the melted wax into the freezer to cool down. 

Make Floral Wax Sachets 

For this particular project I would highly recommend using soy wax, because it is unscented . This way, you can customized it with your own personal preference with aromatic essential oil, Floral wax sachets are a great way to add fragrance to your closets. It is rathe easy to make , as it follows the same method to melt your wax and pour into a mold and lastly, wait for your wax to solidify. 

floweral wax sachets

Make A Letter Seal

Do you love the idea of having a pen pal from far away?  Simply melt your wax into a liquid form and place a small drop of wax on your envelope. To add a more romantic touch to make your letters look more elegant, simply press the melted wax  with a wax seal stamp. 





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