How To Remove Candle Wax From Clothes?

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Tackling Dried Candle Wax

Dried candle wax can be very troublesome to deal with, especially when it sticks to your clothes. You are very happy during sunday church morning, until candle wax spill all overy your favourite dress. Fortunately, there is a simple and effective way to get rid of tough candle wax stains without damaging your fabric.  Learn how to clean candle wax from your clothes from this simple tutorial prepared by Ohcans Candle. In this article, we will discuss the freezing method for drying candle wax from fabric. The freezing method often  involves two key steps: Removing excess candle wax and cleaning off the hardened wax. 

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Step 1:Using Freezing for Wax Removal

When it comes to removing dried candle wax from fabric, the freezing method offers a simple and effective solution. This technique involves two key steps that help in the removal of dried wax without damaging the fabric.

Scraping off Excess Wax

  • More often than not, the worst case scenrios for candle wax is that it would leave oil like stain and a block of sticky wax. However, do not panic just yet. The first step is rather simple. All you have to do is to scrape off excess candle wax from your fabric. Use a dull knife or plastic card as a handy tool to help. 

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    Freezing Your Clothes Before Washing Them 

    • Once you’ve removed the excess wax, put your dirty clothes into a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. By doing so, it will dry out moisture from the candle. Ideally, it is recommended to leave your beloved clothing in the freezer for at least half to one hour. The cold temperatures will make the wax harden and further contract and break down. After you freeze your clothing, not only will it make the wax easier to be removed but also leaves your clothing pieces fresh and odour free. If you are looking to extend overall life span of your cloth, you can choose to freeze your clothes. 

    Step #2: Peeling off the Frozen Wax

    When the fabric has been in the freezer for the appropriate duration, carefully remove it and lay it on a flat surface. Gently peel off the frozen wax from the fabric. It's essential to be cautious during this process to avoid causing any damage to the garment. If the wax is still slightly pliable, allow it to freeze for a little longer before attempting to peel it off completely.

    Step #3:Remove Excess Candle Wax

    Remove excess wax: After the wax has set, use a sharp knife or credit card edge to scrape as much as possible off the hardened wax. Carefully remove the wax without damaging the fabric.To better remove any wax residue, you can place a layer of paper towel to iron on low heat. no steam setting. Wax residue should be completely detached and cleaned up with the heat from the iron. 

    Step #4: Pretreat Your Fabric Before Tossing in the Washer

    Technically, the most ideal way to test out the effecitveness of your stain remover is to run a patch test on the limited area. You can use a toothbruth in a circular motion while applying constant low even pressre to the spot where there might be wax oil remaining after you cleaned out candle wax. By doing so, you want to completely soak in the stain remover to the fabric. 

    Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using hot water. We can comprehend how tempting it is to flush the candle wax with hot water. Because it your mind, you may have associated with melting wax with hot temperature. However, on the contrary, hot water can set wax stains, so always use cold or warm water when treating them.

    Step #5: Wash Your Clothes In Your Washer

    You can also keep some baking soda on hand to deodorize the cloth before putting it in the washing machine. The remaining wax on your clothes usually have a very light burned scent and waxy scent with a hint of your candle’s fragrance. If the candle hasn’t burned, the wax may smell neutral or a bit greasy. In some cases, especially if the candle has absorbed other odors from your environment, your candle wax may smell a bit musty or stale. It’s important to remember to add baking soda and your favorite laudrey detergent to your washer before washing the load. Another add tip would be adding a few drops of liquid detergent to your laundry mixture, as the enzyme from detergent will quickly dissolve any stubborn oils and fats.  Candle wax is no exception in this case. 

    removing candle wax from cloth


    Removing Wax From Different Fabrics

    For cotton fabrics, the best way to remove wax stains is to use ice cubes.  Cotton can be very delicate and vulnerable to take care of. Put a few ice cubes in a plastic bag and simply roll the baged ice on top of tarnished waxy spot. The freezing temperature from the ice will make the wax harden and flake off without damaging the cotton fabric.  For polyester and nylon fabrics, wax stains can be a bit more difficult to get rid of. In these cases, you can use a hairdryer or iron on low heat setting to warm the wax with and then wipe it off with a paper towel. The constant low heat  from the hairdryer will absorb and draw away moisture from the candle wax. Thus, removing  the melted wax from your synthetic clothing and restore to its original shape.  For silk and wool fabrics, it is important to use professional cleaning services to get rid of wax stains. We would definately recommend consulting with a dry cleaning professional for help. 

    You may curious why sometimes you will discover a dark black spot on your clothing. Presumably, it is often the residual candle wax you forgot to remove since the beginning. 

    With this approach, you can confidently manage and eliminate candle wax stains from various fabrics, preserving their quality and appearance for long-term use.

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