Mother of Pearl: its meaning , symbolism, and origin

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Where Does Mother Of Pearl Come From?

Ever shouted “Mother of Pearl!” in a fit of surprise? To some of us, it is just a quirky phrase your grandparent once used. However, Picture this:rather than originating in dim, musty mines, mother of pearl arises from the peaceful depths of the ocean, lovingly cradled within the shells of various mollusks, most notably oysters.These little sea creatures create a stunning, iridescent shield called nacre to protect their homes. For centuries, people have been mesmerized by this shimmering material, not just for its beauty, but for its intriguing origin. Essentially, mother of pearl is derived from nacre, a mixture of minereal for added protection. So next time you admire a piece of mother of pearl jewelry, remember it's like wearing a piece of the ocean's magic!

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The Origin Of Mother Of Pearl 

If you want to be more specific and scientific, Mother of pearl is a combination of calcium carbonate, namely, a form of mineral, and conchoilin, a form of protein.  This is what you will discover if you place nacre under a microscope for a detailed observation. Ultimately, the formation of pearl is simply s part of the mollusk's defense mechanism. Thanks to the texture of conchoillion, pearls naturllly exhabit flexibility and strength, which is ideal for making long lasting quality jewllerys. 

This iridescent material, especially popular during the Art Nouveau period in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, is incredibly strong due to its structure. If you ever decide to trace back in time, the element of shells and pearl has been deployed in , furniture, clothing, personal accessories, jewelry, tools and even musical instruments. Indeed, mother of pearl has a multifacet piece to docorate jewlery and clothing. Due to their classic and traditional spherical shape, you will notice many pandents and necklaces being made from pearls. 

What Does Mother of Pearl Symbolize ?

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