Orange Candle Meaning For Spiritual Practice

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When you are browing through the aisles of a candle boutique, there are various candle colors and candle types available. As a first time buyer, it is important to know what make each color of candle special. We will exploring the meaning and use of orange candle for today. It is not completely science, as it is more psychic. You can infuse your sacred space with the presence of harmonious and transformative aura of a orange colored candle. 

What Is The Concept Of Candle Magic?

Similar to the art of Chinese Feng Shui, Candle magic tipically involves the five constant  element of the water, that is earth, fire, metal and wood. The sole purpurs of practice candle maginc is to build strong relationship with yourslef and love with your surroundings. By practicing candle magic, you can tap into an old and  archaic tradition of bringing your wishes to fruition, while also sharpening your focus and honing your intentions.If you would like to know more about candle magic, please check out our blog post on Harnessing Candle Magic 

What Does Organge Candle Symbolize?

the orange candle has special significance in candle magic. The vibrant hues of orange color makes them a  wonderful tool for promoting self esteem and self transformation. Orange color is usually associated  energy, creativity and ambitious goal. It is often used in rituals to promote happiness, optimism and positive energy. The color orange is also associated with the Takshaka Chakra which regulates our emotions, creativity and desires. By working with an orange candle, you can use these energies to manifest your desires.

Orange candles can be used in rituals and spells to increase efficacy. Here are some ways you can incorporate orange candles into your magic act. If you find yourself derived of inspiration for creative wrting. You should use a orange candle to cast your spell. Candle are believed to hold frequency and vibrations from your intentions. Orange candles are originalled intended for increasing creativity and inspiration. No mattter what your career path you followed , an artist, writer, or musician, lighting an orange candle can help spark your creativity and help you get new inspirations. Next time, when you are stuck in a inspirational drought, you will be prepared.
Orange candles are used in spells and rituals to attract success and prosperity. Whether you’re seeking a promotion at work or hoping to start a new business, lighting an orange candle can help align your energy with your goal. Orange candles are ideal for rituals that focus on posive transformation and developing optimism and positivy for your life. Whether you’re going through a tough time or just want to be more positive, working with an orange candle can cheer up your spirit and bring up the good vibe. 

How To Use Organge Candle In Candle Magic Spells?

Organge candle is albe to elevate the inner light and wisdom within yourself. Essentially, the key to a successful candle magic practice is to stay relaxed and calm. Candle magic can empower us to make changes to our life that we are hesitant to make. You need to be mindful of what color you wish to select to your candle meditation, since different color represent different intentions, energy and mood. Using orange candle , it is capable of asserting a sense of composure and control over your emotions. Before you begin, meditate and envision the outcome of your desires and intentions. As the flame is light,bring the focal point of your thought to candles as it is burning down. Orange candle brings revitalized energy to a situation. If you are in a confounded dilemma in your mind. Orange is also viewed as an indication of courage and endurance. Ultimately, orange candle holds the action oriented energy to make any quick decisions. 

orange candle meaning

Tips And Tricks For Performing A Orange Candle Spell

A Orange candles are best burned on Wednesdays or Sundays, and during the holidays of Samhain, Halloween, Lammas, and Mabon.To intensify the power of your manifistations, you can alternatively reinforce the will of your spell by adding more essential oils. It is claimed to make the spell stronger and more potent. If you are looking for a brand new start and outlook to life, select an orange colored candle for performing your magic spell. You want to select a peaceful sourrounding when performing your meditations. You would want to stay away from any potential distractions such as TVs and phones.  If you mind still have lingering and wondering thought, try to silence them out. You wan to surmmon your focus to one point, which the the orange candle itself. Stay in this peaceful and grounded situation for at least 15 minutes. When you are ready, bring yourself out of the mediative state by being mindful of the surroundings. You can start by raise your gaze. I sincerely hope that your find this experience make your worries fade away. Try candle magic mediation next time when you have some spare time. 

orange candle meaning


How To Select And Use Various Type of Candle For Spells?

If you are looking to have you spell last longer, select a pillar or taper candle instead. For quick spell, select a small tea light candle is good enough. Anothe tip is to ignite the candle with your heart if you want your magic to come true. . The use of candles for divination became more widespread during the Middle Ages and amont witches back in the day. You may enhence your spell even further with crystals that complement with candle colors. 


The Meaning Of Charkra Colors and  Candle Colors

Root Charkra:basic trust,vitality, and confidence. survaial, sense of belonging. 

Complementary Candle Color With Root Charkra: RED

The Sacral Chakra: Sexuality and creativity, intimacy among lovers, creation of ideas and self awaraness. 

Compementary Candle Color with sacral charkra: Orange

Solar Plexus Chakra:vitality and heightened intelligence .will power and acheivement. 

Compementary Candle Color with Solar Plexus Chakra: yellow

Heart Chakra: love, healing and relationships. the origin of life. The sense of touch 

Compementary Candle Color with Heart Chakra: Green

Third Eye Chakra: 

 The throat chakra: personal feelings, personal expression, communication

Compementary Candle Color with The throat chakra: Blue

Crown Chakra: spirituality. intuition, Higher consciences

Compementary Candle Color with The Crown Chakra:  purple

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