Pet 101: What To Do If Your Cat Has A Cold?

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Just like how human can get sick from a contagious virus, Cats are no exception.  When a cat happen to feel under the weather, it is usually because of a weakened immune system. A running nose and sneezing are typical symptoms of a cold. Under most conditions, cat flu are harmless and they come and go away within 1~2 week period. However, a cold too severe can lead to mild depression and a refusal to eat. As a result, it is important for pet owners to know what to do when your cat catch a cold. 


Can Cats Get Colds?

Yes. Cats can get a cold similar to human beings. Cats cold are tipically bacterial or viral in nature. Among most cats who happen to catch a cold, 90% of infectious agent are found to be virus. While cat can catch colds, they cannot catch the same virus that cause cold in humans.  

can cats get colds

How Cats Catch Cold?

Feline Upper Respitory Infection

Feline upper Respitory Infection is just another fancy name for cat flu. Symptoms of a cat flu often include respiratory infections in the forms of coughing, sneezing, and nasal discharge.Common signs of feline colds include sneezing and coughing, which are often accompanied by nasal discharge.Furthermore, lethargy, or a lack of energy and enthusiasm, can also be an indicator that your cat is unwell. When conditions progress, fever is another obvious symptoms of cat cold. Therefore, it is important for us to keep a close monitor of cat's temperature. 

Causes Of Upper Respiratory Infection In Cats

 How do cats usually get conteminated or infected? Outdoor cats have a higher likelihood of catching cold because they are more likely to intereact with other cats. Cat's flu can be esily transmitted among cats without a notice. Sneezing, Caughs, or personal secretions can eaily spread virus from one infected cat to a healthy one. Sneezing can eaily turn to aerosol transmission. Thus, any form of close contact of particles or physical contact among cats can cause virus to spread eaily. 

can cats get colds?

What Are Some Common Medication For Treating Cat Cold?

  1. Antibiotics - to treat bacterial infections.
  2. Antifungals - to treat fungal infections.
  3. Antivirals - to treat viral infections. 

Does My Cat Have Allergies Or A Cold?

Sometimes it can be very tricky to identify whether the cat has allergies or cold. There are still some trace of difference. Although both dieasease will have some symptoms that overlap such as watery eyes, coughing, wheezing or sneezing, allergies is a more chronic condition compared to cold. Allergies are usually situational and conditional compared to cold. For instance,just like human beings,  if your cat is allergic to pollen, it may only sneeze when there is flowers around. 

can cats get colds?

What To Do If Your Cat Has A Cold?

Most pet owners may be confounded as to what to do for your cat when they catch a cold. First,ensuring that the cat stays hydrated is crucial. Offer plenty of fresh water and consider incorporating wet food into their diet to increase their fluid intake, especially if they have a decreased appetite due to illness.Warming up their food can also help with increased appetite. Another good tips to keep in mind, offering food with a strong smell such as  tuna , chicken can be very tempting for cats.  Second, remeber to offer a warm and comfortable environment for a sick cat. And added blanket will be enough to keep them warm. 

can cats get colds?


Signs It Is Time To Visit the Vet

If you discover that the symtoms of this cat flu persist for more than 2 weeks, consider making an appointment to visit your vet.There are no sign of recovery after 4 consecutive days. You should seek professional help from a vet. If bacterial complications arise as a result of the respiratory infection, antibiotics may be prescribed by the veterinarian to address these secondary health concerns. Up until now,  cat colds can lead to more serious conditon such as pneumonia if left untreated. 

If you have a senior cat or kitten, it is particularly important for you to contact your vet for eaily vacination. It is a very essential measure for pet owners to safeguard your cat. 


Caring and Regular Grooming Rountine

It is adviced for pet owners to keep a cat clean and well groomed. A healthy, emotionally stable and well groomed cat is less likely to get sick. In general, cat should be given a bath every 4~6 weeks to avoid skin irritation. little kitten should be bathed very 3 days. After all , a cat cold is far mor than just a simple cold. It is a compounding effect of stress, and exhaustion. A vaccination is the most effective prevention against this illness. While the vaccine may not be foolproof, it significantly decreases the chance of a vaccinated cat becoming extremely ill if exposed to the virus. A heathy and nutritional diet can also help to strenghen the immune system.  In terms of its living space, you want to ensure that the space is large enough and well ventilated

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