The Guide To Candle Making Supplies For Beginner Candle Makers

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So did you know that candle making was in fact kept as secret back in the Middle ages? With exclusive guides and recipes that are not publicly viewable. You may want to get yourself prepared before making random purchases. Ohcans candle has created an curated Candle Making Supplies List for beginner candle makers. 

What Are Basic Candle Making Supplies Needed For First Time Candle Maker?

If you are on a buget, you can either purchasing individual supplies on your own or rather getting a Candle Making kit, which comes with everying you needed pre-packaged and portioned. If you love Chemistry experiment, you are going to love candle making for sure.

candle making supplies

Here is a list of tools and items you will need to make customized candles:

  • Candle Wax 
  • Wicks 
  • Candle jars/molds 
  • Double boiler or melting pot 
  • Thermometer
  • Dye blocks or liquid dyes
  • Fragrance oils *optional for beginner
  • Stir sticks or spoons 
  • Pouring pot or pitcher 
  • Scale 

Use Your Candle Making Supply To Create Candles

Selecting the right amount and high quality material can determine the final outcome of your candle. Here a list of steps you would want to follow before you get started. 

Picking Out The Right Type of Wax

You may want to clean out leftover wax from the jar before anything. When it comes to selecting the right type of wax for your candles, you want to think about each of their unique characteristics and what type of candle you wish to make. 

  • Soy Wax:

Known for its clean-burning properties and eco-friendly nature, soy wax is a popular choice among candle makers.Use it for making container candles, tealight candle, wax melt, and tart. It is made from sustainable renewable soybeans. 
  • Beeswax:

Beeswax offers a natural golden hue and a subtle honey scent. It is often chosen for its natural and sustainable qualities.It is havested from honeycomb. This type of was is ideal for making votive candle, pillar candle, taper candle. Beeswax is organic, non-toxic. It exudes a natural aroma. 
  • Paraffin Wax:

Paraffin wax is widely used due to its affordability and versatility. It can hold fragrance well and provides excellent scent throw.It is ideal for making colorful candle of all shapes as it is very soft in texture. 
  • Palm Wax:

Palm wax provides an attractive crystalline finish to candles. It has a unique texture and appearance that adds visual interest to your creations.It is generally used for making luxury candles, such as pillar, scented candle. They are very eco-friendly and it moulds well. 

different type of wax

Choosing An Essential Oil

It is completely optional wether you want to select an essential oil for making your candle or not. Please make sure to opt for fragrance oils designed especially for candle making. For the purpose of candle making, select stronger essential oils scents. The potency of essential oil is critical in determing whether the candle scent is even noticible. 

There are some Essential Oils We recommend:

  • Sweet Organge
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary 
  • Cinnamon 
  • pine

Such Thing As Fragrance load

is a key determining factor in candle making process, this is because using too little fragrance will result in low scent throw, while on the other hand, using too much may get a strong hot throw and overload the wax. We recomment using 7~10% of total wax weight

Essential Oil Flashpoint:

All essential oils have a flashpoint, the temperature at which the oil will start to evaporate. Therefore, You want to check for your own before you start candle making. 

essential oil selection

Choosing the Right Candle Jar

You want to take several things into consdideration before picking out a candle jar. Candle molds and jar provide a shape and aesthetics. You want to ensure that the candle jar is heat resistant. The diameter and shape determine what type of candle it is appropriate for holding. 

Picking Out Candle Wick

The selection of candle wicks plays a crucial role in how your candles burn. The size of the wick determines how much fuel (wax) is consumed during burning. Factors such as diameter, material, and coating affect the burn rate and flame height. You generally have two main options when it comes to wick. 

Wood Wick

Wood wick offers you with a nice wist when it comes to burning candles. It gives the candle  a soft glowing ember and faint crackling sound when burning. 

Cotton Wick

Cotton wick is the traditional classic choice when it comes to candle making. It is very versatile and budget friendly in a nature. You can buy in bulk amount. 

fall candle aethetics

Things You Want to Add To Decorate Your Candle

Gather Your Essential Candle Making Supplies


A thermometer is needed to check temperature of you wax before pouring. You should be looking for an optimal temperature below<120F.

Double Boiler:

A double boiler allows for indirect, gentle heat when you're whisking up temperamental sauces like wax.It is a recommended method for melting wax. 

Stirring Utensil:

You do need a hand stirring utencil for mixing dyes, scents more smoothly. Stirring helps maintain an even temperature across the entire batch of wax as it melts. Overall, stirring motion helps to release air bubbles. 

Chopstick,Clothpins,or Wick Holder:

You can repurpose your chopstick or clothpins as wick holder. This is used to hold wicks in place while you pour your wax into the container. 

Wick Trimmer: 

Keep a wick trimmer at your disposal if you want to cut your wick into appropriate length after you candle solidifies. 

What Supplies Do You Need To Start A Candle Making Business?

Protective gear like gloves and glasses are vital for safety when handling hot wax. With these fundamental candle making supplies, you can begin crafting an inventory of colorful and aromatic candles.In the case if you need to make candles in large quantity to meet demands, remeber to include custom candle labels for wholesale. 

What Are Some Creative Ways To Make Candles?

You can rest and relax simply by upcycling some of your leftover fruit peels. Isn't is exciting?

1.Peel the orange and keep the center

2.Fill your orange half way with oilive oil

3.Light it with a candle lighter. 

4.It is ready to use. What is more, it is natural and keeps mosquitos away.

fruit peel


What is the Shelf Life Of Wax For Candles?

Expiration of candles depends upon the type of wax you are using. Let’s say if you are using paraffin wax candle and you didn’t open it too or using with care, then the shelf life of paraffin candles could be indefinite or it can last long for a very long time.

But let’s say you are using beeswax or soy wax candles then they are likely to expire in 2–3 years regardless of their usage.

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