The Right way to add fragrance oil to candles

by ohcans official

When it comes to making candles with fragrance oil, it's essential to follow the correct method to ensure safety and achieve a consistent hot throw (the release of fragrance when the candle burns). Let's break down the key points in a simpler manner:

The Right way to add fragrance oil to candles - ohcans

Add Fragrance Oil at the Right Temperature: For a safe and stable candle, add the fragrance oil to the melted wax when the wax temperature is between 185°F and 200°F (85°C – 93°C). Don't worry about the oil's flash point (the temperature at which it can ignite), as it won't degrade at these candle-making temperatures.

Flash Point Doesn't Matter for Candle Making: The flash point is listed on fragrance oil packaging for shipping safety but isn't crucial when making candles. Adding fragrance oil at lower temperatures, like the flash point, can create pockets of undissolved oil in the candle, leading to potential ignition risks. So, stick to the recommended temperature range for safer blending.

Lids Don't Affect Scent Throw: Some believe that keeping candle lids on during curing helps retain the fragrance, but this isn't true. The scent is already incorporated throughout the candle during the making process. Lids are useful for keeping dust away, but they don't impact the cold or hot throw of your candle.

Safety Is Paramount: The temperature at which you add fragrance oil primarily affects the safety of your candle. If the oil is added below the recommended range, it may not blend well with the wax, creating pockets of oil that can ignite when the candle burns. Additionally, it can result in a "wet" candle bottom, where the fragrance pools and reduces the hot throw.

The Right way to add fragrance oil to candles - ohcans

To make safe and consistent candles with a strong fragrance, add the fragrance oil to the melted wax between 185°F and 200°F (85°C – 93°C). This ensures proper blending and avoids potential risks. Remember, safety first and enjoy making your beautiful scented candles!


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