What Does Candle Symbolize in History? 7 Flame Meaning

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Ohcans candle would like to introduce to you 10 facts about candles in history you may not know at all. We hope that you will get familiar about the history of candle making and how usual candles come to be. 

candle flame meaning

         Candles Are Made From Animal Fat 

  • Candles are used today mainly for decoration and in ceremonies, though originally they served as an important light source. They are made from wax or animal fat that surrounds a string wick which, when lit, provides light as the fuel slowly burns.

       Candles Are Used To Ward Off Evil Spirit

  • In medieval times, candles were thought to protect against evil spirits. People would place a lit candle in each window of their home at night to ward off unwelcome supernatural visitors.

       Candles Are Meant To Enhance Wealth

  • Another important role of candles is to enhance wealth. In Chinese culture, candles represent fire, wealth and good fortune and are powerful props for attracting wealth. When lighting candles, it is best to choose red or gold candles; these colors are associated with wealth and good luck. Placing candles in your home can attract good luck and wealth, with the same.
7 candle flame meaning

    Candles Are Used For Funderal Especially

    • In ancient times, "lighting candles" was a ritual act of mourning, condolence or remembrance. It refers to the lighting of candles on an occasion or ceremony to express respect for the deceased or to commemorate a specific event.
      Candle lighting as a ritual behavior has a deep historical and cultural background. In ancient societies, people often used candles as a source of light, and lighting candles has a symbolic meaning. When someone passes away, people will light candles at funerals or memorial ceremonies to express their feelings of remembrance and mourning for the deceased. It is a way of paying respect to the deceased and can also give a symbol of comfort and support to the family of the deceased.
      In addition, lighting candles can also be used to commemorate important historical events, celebrate holidays or anniversaries. On these occasions, the lighting of candles represents recognition and remembrance of the importance of a particular event or date.
      In short, "lighting candles" in ancient times was a symbolic ritual act used to mourn the dead or to commemorate a specific historical event, festival or anniversary. It is one of the ways in which people express their respect, remembrance and commemoration by lighting candles.

    Candle Represent Symbol Of Hospitality

    • For early American colonists, the gifting of a scented beeswax candle carried significant meaning. It represented warmth, prosperity and welcome.

    Red Candles Are Used For Weddings And temple worship

    • Candles in Chinese culture are used for worship the budda, which is equivalent to god in western culture. 
    candle flame meaning

      Candles Are Used For Birthday and Events

      Legend has it that in Ancient Greece, when celebrating the birthday of the Moon Goddess, candles were inserted into the cake and then blown out to make wishes come true. With the combination of Chinese and Western cultures, this special meaning is gradually accepted by us.

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