Why Should We Pick Non Toxic Candles?

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Aromatherapy candles may seem simple, even in the eyes of many people is not a perceived as nacessity to have around.It is often a bonus that people splurge on to treat themselves for long period of work. Non-toxic aromatheraphy candles adds in a sense of life rituals and spiritual confort to our mind. Imagine you are repeating your normal cyclic mandane life from work to home, what really spark the joy for us. Indeed,it is holiday candles just release by Ohcans Candle.

Why Should We Buy Non-Toxic Candles?

  • Aromatheraphy

Many people ignore its practical value that aromatheraphy candles bring us, that is Spiritual comfort and healing. Lighting a candle is an everyday routine we can easily incorporate into our daily life. No matter whether it is fresh, rich, strong, or sweet,different scents of aromatherapy candles can arouse and elict different sentual experience and emotions. Aromatheraphy candles has numberous benefits not limited to relaxing your body, relieving stress, promoting sleep quality , alleviating cold symptoms and as well as improving memory and focus. According to Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, similar to how meditation can produce physiological responses, aromatheraphy candles promote physiologicial wellness as well. 

  • Why Is Luxury Non Toxic Candles So Expensive?

Generally, the most expensive portion of the candle is its fragrance throw. Cheaper candles only use 2~5% by weight, whereas luxury candles such as Jo  Malone may use more exotic and premium blend of natural essential oils and wax base. Luxury candles  tend to have better burning profile and use up to 20% of fragrance load. Jo Malone candle has specially developed more than 4000 kinds to match different wax bases and fragrances. All organic non toxic ingredients being used are ethically sourced from nature. High quality essential oil provide a rich texture to the fragrance of the candle. 

  • Why Do We Need to Stay Away From Syntheic Fragrance In Candles

Now, let us reiterate the danger of synethetic fragrance in candles. They are so commonly found in perfumes and low cost candles. Sometimes, you will get an allegic reaction such as headaches, nausea consequently. Without a doubt, synetheic fragrance are full of chemical compound containing toxins such as hormone disruptors and carcinogens. According to ASBBS reasearch "There are over 70,000 different industrial chemical products used today," which is hard to imagine. Just a simple breath of syntheic fragrance can be detrimental to our health. No wonder people make an analogy saying that an inhale synthetic fragrance is just like second hand smoking. Did you know that fragance full of chemical compounds can lead to  cancer, hormone disruption and potential obesity? Some synthetic fragrance when disposed may even contaminate our water ways. The list goes on. 

When selecting candle wax to begin your DIY candle project, you want to stay away from Paraffin wax. This is because paraffin wax originally derived from petroleum, is susceptible to contain carcinogens such as toluene and benzene. Because the nature of paraffin wax, it has a rather high melting point , which lead to soot happening. Soot can eaily cause potential lung cancer and lung diasease. 

  • What Non-toxic Candle Wax Should I Be Looking For?

When you are searching on the market for non toxic candle wax, you want to looking for pure vegetable wax.Since pure vegetable wax are extracted and purified and refined from nature in a renewable and environmental friendly way. It generally do not produce any soot or residue. Coconut, soy and bees wax are all biogegrable, which means they are renewable materials that make minimal impact on the environment. 

Another thing to keep in mind would be to allow adequate air circulation when burning your non toxic candle, you can do so by opening a window to allow air exchange. 


You want to looking for brands like Ohcans candle, which emphasize on the use of natural ingredients.  Ohcans candle has expanded our digital marketing store front to candle wholesale. If you are interested, please check out our Aliexpress Ohcans Store. You can contact us to fill out a stocklist. We are more than happy to tailer our product to your needs.  There are some good examples of non toxic wax

aliexpress store

soy wax

Soy Wax:

Soy wax is a very cost effective option if you are a small bussiness owner trying to venture into candle making business. The natural wax itself provide a better hold to its fragrance throw. Soy wax is a good example of pure vegetable wax. The raw soy beans are  cleaned, cracked, dehulled from nature to undergo extraction to produce soy wax. Sustainable and ethical sourcing not only ensures the quality of your soy wax purchase but also reduces carbon footprint. 

bees wax

Bees Wax: 

It exudes a subtle honey that is naturally scented by the nectar of flowers and honey without any synthetic additives. Bees wax is also known as the "royal family"of natural wax. When you are burning bees was, it naturally releases negative ions after burning, making bees wax a natural air purifier.

Beeswax candles are beneficial for people who suffer from asthma or allergies, as the negative oxygen ions released by melted beeswax can effectively remove common allergens from the air. For example, airborne pollen, mold spores, and pet dander and dust all carry a positive charge. When the negative ions bind to these positively charged particles. The particles become heavy and drop to the ground, unable to travel and transmit through the air. Thus, beeswax is capable of purifying the air.

As negative ions naturally promote the release of serotonin, which in turn create a feeling of joy and happiness, alliviate depression symptoms according to research. Naturally bees wax are produced by honey bees in bee hives. It burns cleaner and longer compare to any other wax. Namely, there is no chemical emission.

non-toxic candle wax

  • Where Can I Buy Organic Non-Toxic Wax?

Ohcans Candle has pulled up a list of reputable candle suppliers for future candle maker and DIY enthusiasts. If you are looking for some candle making supplies, look no furthur. 

Sunshine Candle Supply : Natural waxes like organic soy wax, beeswax, and coconut wax.

Ohcans Candle: Carry soy wax and beginner friendly candle making kits. The new release of our holiday candles are also very buget friendly gift for your friends and family. Remeber, they are on sale for a limited time only. What I really like about Ohcans Holiday Candle is that the stickers and candle labels can be peeled off and customized according to your own need. I use canva to design my own. You can label your candle how you wish it to look like. 

Ohcans holiday candle

By the way, you get the complementary wood coaster with the purchase. 

Candle Science :Organic 415 soy wax flakes and beeswax pastilles available. Candles and Supplies : Offers certified organic beeswax blocks for sale online.

Making a candle is a very easy task, but finding the right raw material to get started is difficult as there are just so many variables to mix and match that finding the right formula is like winning the lottery. The aroma from a scented candle is subtle rather than overpowering. The flikering of the candle flame can instill a sense of inner peace within us. We hope that by exploring the importance of non toxic candles, you can find the best candle wax for crafting your candle.

If you are a beginner candle maker or novice in crafting candles, be sure to check out our Guide On DIY Candle Making KIt.

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