DIY Herbal Dried Flower Candle Recipe

by ohcans official


Quality of life often requires a sense of romantic gesture. You do not neet so much materials to fill your life with gentle kindness. 
What is a sense of ritual? It is what makes one day different from other days, what makes one moment different from other moments.


herbal candl flowers

The everyday mandane cyclic life routine from every day, We can add a bit of romantic gesture by placing delicate tableware on the table ; Leisure to do some housework, listen to a little favorite music will be full of energy; Hold a book at night, light a candle, candle flickering, through the action of lighting the candle, we let the mind to be washed away from trouble and worries,  as our mind more calm and focued. 

herbal flower candles

A simple candle is an essential piece to add a sense of ritual to ordinary life. Not only reading, yoga, meditation, rest, accompanied by the simple action of lighting the  candles, ordinary time will become precious and unique.

A small candle can be a work of art, or it can add a little ritual and creativity to your life.

A scented candle, with beauty,  not only soothing nerves, relieve pressure, purify the air, eliminate the special effect of odor. A lot of people like to make candles by hand, before I introduced the ordinary method of making candles by hand, today I introduce a candle DIY with herbs and dry flowers. Candles made with beautiful dried flowers will naturally become eye-catching highlights on the table. It would also make an excellent decor piece. 

herbal flower candle

Materials required:

Dried flower petals, candles, candle cups (glass vials, cups), scissors, colored pigments, aromatherapy essential oils

Procudures For Creating This Herbal Dry Flower Candles

1. Cut the white candle into segments (be careful not to cut the cotton core), pull out the cotton core for use, and break the candle segment;
2, put the candle pieces in a pot to heat, so that the wax melt, sprinkle a few drops of essential oil into the wax liquid (if you need to change the color can put some colored crayons);
3. Pour the adjusted wax liquid into the prepared mold, and the height can be customized. If it is a self-made mold, do not leave gaps to prevent the wax liquid from flowing out (the mold can be cut open with an empty can);
4, in advance, tie one end of the cotton core on the chopsticks (chopsticks can prevent being burned by the wax liquid, but also adjust the position of the cotton core), put the other end in the adjusted wax liquid, waiting for the wax liquid to solidifying;
5, after the color candle is completely solidified, tear the mold, cut the excess candle wick, and a scented candle embryo is done.
6, heat the spoon, and then use the heated spoon to burn the flowers to the candle mixture, press light, pay attention to the spoon can not be too hot oh.

The use of candles has changed from a single lighting tool to an ornament, which is very unique and beautiful. Hopefully, you find this candle recipe to be easy to follow through. With confidence, I hope you will gain more wisdom and joy by doing this  DIY the candle.  If you have any other questions, you are welcome to comment down below. 

herbal flower candle




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