30 Tips for Storage and orangize you candles

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Today, we will take a tour to provide guidance and tip and tricks for first time candle maker. At ohcans candle, we have take time to compile a list of tips and tricks for candle lover.

1.Keep the wax out of direct sunlight: Keep the wax in a cool, dark place to prevent it from melting or discoloring when exposed to sunlight.

2.Temperature Control: Maintain a stable temperature in  the room you are making your candles in to ensure consistent results. The fragrance notes in the perfume would evaporate more esaily, if it is left in direct sunlight. 

candle making tips
3.Proper Labeling: Clearly label your waxes and fragrance oils to avoid confusion and confusion during the candle making process.

4.Fragrance Oils Seal: Hermetically seal your fragrance oils to prevent them from evaporating or losing potency over time.

5.Drill Organization: Store drills of different sizes and types in labeled bins for easy access when needed.

6.Dye Storage: Store dye and candle dye separately to avoid accidental spills and cross-contamination.

7.Container Selection: Use clear containers to store leftover wax so you can easily check color and quantity.

8.Safety First: Keep all combustible materials (wax, perfume oils, dyes) away from open flames and sources of heat.

9.To ensure better storage conditions, the key would be airtight Containers: Use airtight containers to store wax to prevent moisture absorption and maintain wax quality.

10.Clean Tools: Keep candle making tools and equipment clean and tidy to ensure a consistent and hygienic process.

11.Shelf Space: Provide a shelf or designated space to keep candle making supplies organized and easily accessible.

12.Wick Spools: Store wick spools on a pole or rack to prevent tangling and make wick measuring and trimming easier.
Storage Tips
13.Fragrance Notes: Keep a written log or digital record of your perfume oils, including their notes, usage indicators, and expiration dates.

14.Soy Wax Storage: When using soy wax, remember that it can easily absorb odors. Keep it separate from perfumes to preserve its natural scent.

15.Heat Resistant Containers: Make sure your melting containers are heat resistant and suitable for the type of wax you are using the safety data sheet. Formally, also known as , SDS.

16.Have the safety data sheets of all your materials available in case you need to refer to them for safety or regulatory reasons.

17.Inventory Management: Keep an inventory of your supplies and record quantities, purchase dates and reorder points to avoid unexpected outages.

18.Color Test:Organize candle swatches or swatches to easily reference and reproduce specific hues.

19.Scent Test: Create small test candles with different scent blends to track your favorites and how they work.

20.Emergency Needs: For safety reasons, keep a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in the work area. In case , you need to treat a potential fire hazard or wounds. 

21.Wax Melting Tools: Store your double boiler, microwaveable container, or wax melter in a clean, dry place free of wax residue.

22.Storage Containers: Invest in clear, and high quality , clean and stackable candle making supplies containers,in this case, glass containers, to save space and keep everything visible.

23.Wick Centering Tools: Wick centering tools such as wick holders or wands should be kept in a container for easy access when pouring the candle.

24.Protective Gear: Store protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and aprons in a designated area for quick recovery if needed.

25.Wax Jars: Keep separate jars for pouring different types of wax (e.g. soy wax, paraffin wax) to avoid cross-contamination of fragrances.When you are pouring the wax, ensure to the pouring process to be maintaining a consistent rhythm.

26.Scent Test Logs: Keep a scent test log to record the results of various scent combinations and their burning characteristics.
candle making storage tips
27.Wax Scale: Calibrate your digital kitchen scale and store in a dry place to ensure accurate wax measurements.

28.Candle Labels: Organize your custom candle labels by scent, size or design so you can easily match them to finished candles.

29.Dye Inventory: Create a dye inventory checklist so you always know when to reorder specific candle dyes. candle dyes are important for the different coloration of candles. 

30.Storage Ventilation: Ensure storage is well ventilated to minimize the build-up of perfume and wax fumes.You do not want the environment to be too dry. The ventilation system will diminish the scent throw. 

What candle making supplies are you currently using? Do you have any personal preference? please comment down below. To find out more about our signiture aromatheraphy candles, please check out our blog posts here

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