How to Heal With Love ?

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How Love Is A Spiritual Journey?

When you reside in a mood of life, undertake its activities and allow them to support you, love will cure our body and spirit through their spiritual manifestation. They (love and heal) usually operate in pairs because they bring to the soul a peace that surpasses all understanding. When we really make up our minds to allow the healing fat of love to complete cast away all the cliffs we unwittingly build around ourselves, it will do it for us certainly. Love as a curing force is both not selective and indiscriminate when it comes to racial, ethnic, cultural, or sexual identities or background. It will create flexibility and multiply desires, which will "melt" our "iron" beliefs, judgement and "Iron curtain" to others. Despite the fact that love can be different in each case, it amends and repairs our connections with each other. Also it provides us with our inner peace and wisdom leading to ourselves.

The Healing Power Of Unconditional Love

They say that love is the highest frequency one can vibrate in spirtirually. In the grand scheme of life, love transcend various barrier to connect us together on a deeper level. "I will always be with you. Be brave, Have courage and love life." Such love quote from a grandparant brings us determination and courage with facing hardships. Love opens our heart without any judgement. In eccense, on a spiritual level, it is the energy we put out into this world, by our thoughts, intentions , and actions.  Love readiate from within our soul.  There are the 7 virtues of the soul, which is what we needed the most in this world.  The love is the source of emotional force that takes our heart unconditionally and out of prejudice. In eccense, on a spiritual basis, it is the energy that we are sending to this universe as we think, wish , and act. Love roosts in naive souls

The 7 quality we should aim to strive for are: Peace, Love, Happeniness, Knowlege, Power, Purity, and Bliss. 

The 7 virtues of Love



love heals energy chart

The 7 quality we should aim to strive for are: He created the world of humans and got his own powers and the people he adored, he wanted people to love each other, be happy, understand the world, and get power, purity, and bliss.
Such is the inner peace one finds within themselves and not among the mass of people. Achieving this goal is simple, if another person let's develop these worthy qualities in them. It is the right way to learn to love others. All you need from the start to end is a kind look and a caring voice to make them know of who they are.

When You Are Ready, This is How You Heal

The feeling of a void in your gut that you can't quite pinpoint is a constant ache that you struggle to decipher. As you go through life, you become more confused and convinced that it's a warning of what's to come. You attach fear stories to this feeling, believing they're illogical and warning you to take cover. However, one day, you realize you're being haunted by a pain that you can't quite decipher. It becomes harder to wake up, go out, or engage in other activities. When ready, you step behind the pain and realize that anger, sadness, and anxiety are a veil trying to wake you up. You need to cry, mourn, and relive your past experiences. You need to sweat, shake, and surrender to see your present life as filled with hope and potential. Eventually, you will wake up, exit relationships, start new ones, and start to feel grateful for simple things. You will sleep. There is also an awesome book I read, with the same title. You are welcome to take a look. 

1."To the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders." Lao Tzu

2."Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, While loving someone deeply give you courage" Lao Tzu

3."Love is gift of one's inner most soul to another so both can be whole". buddha

love heals


The Science Behind Healing Power Of Love

It may surprise you that the opposite feeling to love, which is lonelinees, is in fact a silent killer. Studies have shown that social isolation and lonliness can cause the likelihood of contracting and diagnosing with diseases such as ,Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure ,fatigue,depression, as as well as anxiety. While this studies also refers ,"Healing power of love and social relationships are fundamental to emotional fulfillment , behavioral adjustment, and as well as congnitve function." Yes, indeed, the qaulity of love and intimate emotional social support seem to be the cure. In terms of our body mechanism, when we choose to communicate and connect with we more, there are specific hormones associate with the enthralled feeling of love. Namely, they are Dopamine and Oxytoxin and as well as Serotonin.   Essentially, they are also known as the Happy Hormones or neurotransmitters responsible for coommunicating the feeling of happeniness to the body. Each of them varies in their particular expression of love to our body. It does not matter if you are dinning with your neighbors or posting on instagram, these chemicals are involved with how you interepreting, interacting with others.  For instance, Dapamine emphasize the feeling of reward and motivation, while serotonin helps to maintain the peaceful and tranquil emotions we have. What is more? Oxytocin strengthens the feeling of attachment whenever we experience love. 


Healing Candles And Crystals With Love

Tipically, to better harness and cultivate the healing power of love toward others and oneself in many concrete shapes and forms, people created spirituals rituals with Healing Candles , or Intentional Crystals to manifest on the healing power of genunine love. 

When we ask you to manifast in the level of love, we do not necessarily mean to falling head over hells with the mystry someone romantically. Ultimately, the healing power of love is about creating and cultivating a rich connection with yourself and being open to what the universe has to offer to you. For instance, rose quatz and amethyst are two of the signature crystal that amplify the healing power of love. In particular, Rose Quartz will will you channeling out negativity. As Rose quartz is rich in compassion, and loving energy. It is generally associated with properties of tolerance, true unconditional love, and mutural trust. This piece of jewlery has claimed to bring self acceptance and love with pink rose quartz. It is best know for the stone of unconditional love.  On the other hand,Moreover , it can acclerate the emotional healing process.  Purple Amythest wil amplify the energy of peace and healing for the most part. It is found to have potent effect with realizing self worth and self esteem with a peaceful and loving mind. 

rose quartz


purple amethyst

Candles on the other hand brings us a more sensual experience. In short, Candles has an innate spiritual energy that bring us love and healing energies. Each candle crafted by Ohcans has been formulated with a blend of natural essential oils and quality ingredients. Every single candle manufactured by Ohcans candle is infused with a combination of natural fragrances and essential oils. Geneally, candles are infused with quality essential oil that often invoke therapeutic effect. Certain blends of essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus will elict the feeling of calmness and comfort under stressful situations. Whearas, certains natural herbs such as Bergamot  will empower free will and authority. It symbolizes love and free will of the heart charkra.  The scent of bergamot reminds you of self esteem and self love. It can naturally enhance your intuition and instinct toward life. If you are feeling anxious, you can try take a sniff of the plant bergamot. 

When you spontaneously light up a candle without much thinking, varous essential oil possees unique properties that influence our emotions and  physiological response. The dictinct characteristic of a candle scent will rediate aromatic healing properties that will enhance our mood and spiritual well beings. Tipically, the gental glow of the candle will have a calming effect on our body and mind. The magic sciece behind candle light is that the presence of candle light can transform brainwaves into a different state. Our brain generating beta brain wave, which is associated with alterness, and reasoning in the default mode, transformed to alpha brainwave state, which corresponds to a relaxed and loving state. 


The Benefit Of Healing Candles

There is a list of candles with healing and loving qualities. Next time, if you are debating on which scent to select for gift, you will have a concrete idea of the advantage of various candles. You can brainstorm what purpose you wish to acheive with your healing candle. 

Rosemary Candles:

Rosemary is one reason why it is so popular because it can enhance cognitive thinking, and memory. It is likewise utilized in Europe as a holistic cure for relievingpains and headaches. By the way, hypertensive patients and pregnant ladies should not be using rosemary candle. If you trace back traditions, Rosemary has been worn by bride on their headpiece. Therefore, it has a connotation with love in its pure form. 

 rosemary candle

LEMON Balm Candle:

Lemon's blams refreshing scent can help restore the spirit and keep the mind clear. Restoring the vitality of our body while helping to fight infectious diseases are the most distinctive therapeutic effects of lemon balm. The refreshing aroma helps to revitalize the spirit and keep the mind clear.

lemon balm scented candle

Rose Scented Candle:

The smell of rose can be very calming and uplifting for your spirt and mind. The scent can ignite memories of love and romance. Rose scented candle has a sendative properties to the mind when inhaled . It arouse calming effect to the relieve the feeling of tension and apprehension. 

rose scented candle


Lavender Scented Candle:

Lavender candle has a calming, soothing, balancing effect, can discharge tension and anxiety while  restore the state of calmness and peace. Lavender scent can soothe headaches. In addition, lavender is also a natural detoxifying agent, can be used for colds, coughs, bronchitis; to prevent mosquito bites is also quite effective. It you are looking for a natural cure for insomnia, try placing a lavender scented candle by your bedside. It will work wonders. Alternatively, you can try Ohcans Holiday Candle From Our Amazon Store. 

lavender candle



love heals

The Ritual With Healing Candles:

1. Focus your intention on the candle.
2. Write your intention on paper and place it under the candle.
3. Light the candle and focus on manifesting your desire.
4. Allow yourself to release any negative emotions and let them fade away.

 DIY Essential Oil Candle 

Ohcans candles not only bring warmth and light but also fill your space with love and healing energies.With our DIY Making kits,you can invent and create your own customized candle scent. Our product will for sure add a personal touch to your home decors. It will make nice house warming gift as well. 


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