Lip Oil 101: All About Lip Oils And How To Use Them

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It is the classic winter monthes of the year again. Have you got dry lips that are cracking, flacking, and peeling? You are on the air plane where the air circulation is very poor, the moisture on your lip may be eaily lost. Lip oil may come very handy in such situations. Trust me, you lips will thank you in the long run.

What Are Lip Oils?

Lip oils are made with plant based hydrating oils and other beneficial ingredients to nourish and pamper your dry lips to a better state. In addition to moisturization, expert claim that lip oils adding a layer of shine to your lips while adding a layer of tint to the lips. In short, lip oils can be used as a part of self care routine. 

What Does Lip Oils Do?

The skin on our lips are 1000 times more sensitive compare to the rest of your skin, this is because there are full of nerve endings. Ultimately, they are lacking a sebaceous gland to protect them against sunlight exposure. Therefore, it is important to have a lip care theraphy. 

Lip Oils provide a extra layer of protection againt sunlight damage and harsh elements to your lips. It can naturally heal your delicate lip skin texture with deeper moisture peneration compared to any other form of lip products. This is because oils tend to have a smaller molecular size that is capable of reaching deeper layers of skin. 

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Lip Oils Comparison

There are a plethora of lip care product on the market. How do you know what to shop for your own concerns?  lip balm may be able to provide an added converage compared to lip oils. Some subtle difference in texture and consistancy can make a huge difference in the user experience. We will go through some difference and similarities among lip products, so you know that to expect.

Lip Oils v.s Lip Balm

In term of the most obvious difference, Lipbalm provide your lips with a very matte finish compare to lip oils. Lip oils are claimed to have a more long lasting effect up to 24 hours and longer. Most lip balm  are made from a wax base product. "The wax ingredient from a lip balm can lock in moisture better, while oils do not offer a strong scent as lip balms, this is why people may be addicted to lip balm "suggested by Dr. Tam, a dermatologist.Since the wax wears off very esaily when drinking or eating,  Lip oils are generally more long lasting option.  Idealy, when shopping to lip care product, you do also want to stay away from any synthetic fragrance component in the product label.  Be sure to read the label before making a purchase. 

Lip Oil v.s Lip Gloss

If you are working in a high end office setting, a lip gloss is a must have in the purse. Lip glosss provide you with a more sticky and tacky texture compare to lip oils. Lip gloss offer a high gloss shine to the apperance. They often range in a number of colors. You have a spectrum of color to choose from. These colors are fomulated with specific pigments. It has a natural film on the top layer of your skin meaning lip gloss is not easily rubbed off when eating or drinking. It is very aethetically appealing to the eye. 

Lip gloss doe not have any beneficial ingredients, such as natural oils that lip oils are formulated with. Lip oils are hard to notice when first applied. 


Lip Oil V.S Lip Mask

Lip mask is a stronger version of lip oil. If you are looking for intense hydration for your lips.You should opt for a lip mask.It is just like those intensive hydration mask you apply on your face,but it is for your lips instead. 


What To Look For In Lip Oils?

If you are in the market for lip oils, you want to read the product label where it specify that it contain sunflower, jojoba, coconut and argan oils. They are free from any form of synethtic parabens or dyes, which means they are in the most pure form of the substance.  If you happen to have acene prone skin, you want to opt for lips oils containing  grapeseed, rosehip, as well. The reason being these oils are less likely to clog pores on the surrounding skin.

In terms of its texture and consistancy, you want to shop for a more light weight formula. You want to search for  natural ngredients like hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and omega fatty acids, since they help lock in moisture. 

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Which Oils is best For Our Lips?

When you are windown shopping in your local supermaket, there is some natural organic ingredient you should hunt for in your product label.

There are a list of some specific benefit of certain ingredients:

Sunflower oils:Sunflower oil is rich in vitamins A, C, and E, it naturally strenthes the protective barrier of our lips, while preventing essential water loss. 

Coconut Oilsoffers you lip a smoothing experience while adding a layer of protection against natural sunlight UV lights. Coconut oils has a specific antimicrobial properties which mean it is able to heal blisters, chapped and cracked lips.  Another major added benefit is that coconut oils has natural anti-inflammatory properties. If you happen to experience swelling lips, try dabbing on some lip oils containing coconut oils. 

Jojoba Oils: jojoba oils resembles the natural sebum production of our skin. To put it another way, it shares the same properties as our skin oils. As I have pointed out eariler , the skin of our lips is lacking sebaceous glandAll in all, jojoba oils helps lock it the moisture of our lip oils. 

Argan Oilshave you ever want to stop the natrual aging process of your skin?argan oils can help reduce our fine lines on the lips, giving it younger look. Natural ingredients such as vitamin E and Vitamin A, linoleac acid can offer ultimate protection. It is a natural anti-ager for your lips. 

Camillia Oils: Contains natural  oil that smoothes fine lines, and the ability to heal chapped lips. if you happen to suffer from dry and flaky lips, camillia oils can be a natural cure. It boost collagen level , making your lips to appear fuller and younger. it offer natural protection against sunlight exposure. 




How Often Should You Use Lip Oils?

It is recommend to use lip oil either during your night time routine and morning routine. You may use it twice a day when you lips are in good condition. Lip oils are a more buget friendly option compare to lip sticks. You may reapply as needed if you feel that your lips are dry. 


How To Make A Lip Oil? 

Materials You will Need For This DIY

Camellia Oil...........................................................72 grams

Beeswax................................................................25 grams

Vitamin E.................................................................3 drops

Step 1: plase gather all your supplies like this below.

lip oils

Step2 :Heated tea tree oil over water, the beeswax cut into small pieces into the tea oil to melt thoroughly. I used traditional double boiler method, you want to melt your oil and wax about more than 10 minutes. 

lip oilsStep 3:After the beeswax is all melted, take 3 capsules of vitamin E, pick it up with a needle, squeeze it into a beaker, stir it well. Remeber, the wax and vitamin E should be all combined together during this step. 

Line up all your 20 tubes,  you can fill up  with your wax and pour in slowly, waiting for it to solidify This recipe made 20 lip balm, you can double the ingredient list if you wish to make more. 

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