A Guide to Fragrance Families And Candle Family Time

by ohcans official

When you take a brief sniff at a fragrance counter, what scent profile do you pick up form the perfume? Did you know that a tipical fragrance notes are arranged in different scent layers. The combination of scents can be categorized into three distinct elemtns, which is top notes, middle note and base note. Generally, each scents can fall into one of thses three notes. 

candles and picnic

The top notes is usually what you first smell in a fragrance, as it is often light and refreshing in nature.The opening first layer are are easily to be evaporated.  As you dig deeper into the puzzle, you will discover that the middle note are very fragrant and mellow in nature. This layer lingers on your skin longer.Finally, the base note are the longest lasting. To your surprise, you can still pick up this particular scent the next following day. 

Did you know that it was not until 1945,advances in technology become to group fragrance notes into various different familes. Finally, in 1983, A British fragrance expert named Michale Edward, invented fragrance wheel to clarify and simplify the classification of frangrances. Therefore, each and every unique scent can be categorized as either fresh, floral, exotic, or woody. 

Candles can be utilized in various occations. Today, we will try to visualize a weekend family time with friends and family. What are some common event you use use candle as a decor to add more sparkle into everyday daily rountine. 

Did you know ? Candle jars can be repurposed to serve as picnic jar. In this case, high quality mason jar can be used to transport water and beverages for a family picnic time. Candles add a good vibe to a picnic and barbecue occation. 

As for the weekend family time, you can arrange a family time with your kids and significant other. For instance, you can go off the grid in the nature to stay away from mobile phones. Find a open and cloudness area to go stargazing, the setting can be in the park or mountains. You can venture into the wildness to stay awary from the crowd of the city and pollution.  Candles can make a good complementary emergency kit. 

romantic candle

Another good activity to do on the weekend would be to make a DIY candle with your kids.  What a good way to spend more family time with your kids. You can coach your kids along each and every step of creating a candle. During this wonderful time, you can practice the patients and cognitive skills of your kids. In return, you will foster good communication and leadership skills of your own. As we all know, kids can be naughty and mischieves at times. 


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